CoD: Warzone's Latest Season 3 Teaser Reveals Monster Bones On Caldera

Monsters are both dead and alive on Warzone's Caldera island.


Call of Duty Season 3 hype continues for Warzone, as an April 19 teaser clip reveals monster bones are buried on Caldera. Something large may have died on the island, but the clip also teases another monster is very much alive and angry.

"Something big is coming to Caldera…," the Call of Duty Twitter account says, including a new story teaser for Season 3. The clip shows black box footage from a crashed military aircraft. The footage includes the aerial view of a dig site on Caldera that has uncovered some massive bones. The clip ends with a monstrous roar and the aircraft being attacked.

A hidden message can be found in the teaser by running the audio through a spectrogram, which provides a visual voiceprint hidden in the audio. Players have discovered the spectrogram reveals the hidden message: Defend Caldera.

Currently, the landscape of the map seems unchanged with the April 19 update that added Snoop Dogg to the game, but there is a new point of interest marked on the map as "Dig Site." As YouTuber GeekyPastimes pointed out on Twitter, the Dig Site location seems to be the same area of the map that is teased in the video, so players might expect to find giant bones when Season 3 arrives.

This latest story clip follows Activision's April 18 teaser with operators preparing a mysterious device in Caldera's mines, but the plan is thwarted by a tunnel collapse as monsters presumably attacked from the island's surface. All of Activision's Season 3 teasers suggest Godzilla and presumably other iconic beasts could be arriving to Caldera in the very near future.

Call of Season 3 is set to arrive on April 27, and here is everything we know so far about the big updates for Warzone and Vanguard. Additionally, Treyarch recently announced major plans for the future of Vanguard's Zombies mode, but round-based maps aren't expected to arrive until sometime in Season 4.

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