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Warthog announces Fallen Kingdoms

The ambitious role-playing game will be available for the Xbox and PC, and it's scheduled for late 2006.


The Texas studios of UK-based developer Warthog has fired up production on a new 3D role-playing game titled Fallen Kingdoms. The game, which will be made available for the Xbox and PC, is set in the world of Aegion, where the dark lord Undrath has destroyed the peaceful kingdoms that once existed there. Players control a character who is a member of an underground organization that hopes to restore power to the titular fallen kingdoms.

Warthog promises that the third-person action RPG will include fully dynamic combat choreography and an interactive gameworld. Characters can dodge and parry, use everyday objects as weapons, and take the high ground to gain melee advantages. Certain spells will be able to alter the landscape, and fire will ignite and spread across combustible materials.

This ambitious RPG is quite a long ways off, however, because the game's Web site lists its release date as November 2006. Nevertheless, GameSpot will provide more information on Fallen Kingdoms as soon as it becomes available.

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