Warriors Web site comes out, plays

Rockstar Games' film-based beat-'em-up gets on the Net with exclusive videos, pictures.


Gamers eager for every scrap they can get on Rockstar Games' new project based on the 1979 cult favorite The Warriors will be happy to learn the game now has its own Web site.

In the movie, members of a New York gang called the Warriors are framed for a murder at a multigang gathering in the Bronx. Over the course of the film, the Warriors desperately race to get back to the safety of their own turf, Coney Island. The site retraces the Warriors' path, with a few pictures and movies of several gangs' turf along the way.

The Warriors will be released on the Xbox and PlayStation 2 in mid-October and will retail for $49.99. For more on Rockstar's latest, check out GameSpot's latest impressions.

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