Warriors Orochi sells 1.5M, getting encore

Koei's Samurai and Dynasty franchises will intermingle once again with Warriors Orochi 2 for Xbox 360, PS2.


When Dynasty Warriors debuted on the original PlayStation in 1997, it was a one-on-one weapons-based fighting game with characters pulled from Chinese history. For the PlayStation 2 sequel in 2000, Koei completely reinvented the franchise as a hack-and-slash action game that pitted one player against hundreds of enemies in every battle.

The series has been focused on quantity ever since, cranking out five straight sequels, multiple Xtreme Legends and Empires expansions, and spin-offs such as Dynasty Tactics and Samurai Warriors (which also had sequels, spin-offs, and expansions). In recent years, Koei has put out a pair of crossovers, the sci-fi Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, as well as Warriors Orochi, which paired the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors in a fantasy setting against the Serpent King Orochi. Despite the abundance of offerings, the franchise apparently still performs at retail, given that Koei has announced that Warriors Orochi shipped 1.5 million copies worldwide across its various platforms.

It should come as little surprise then that Koei is wasting no time turning out a sequel. Today it announced Warriors Orochi 2 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2. Picking up in the wake of the Serpent King's defeat in the first game, Warriors Orochi 2 requires new heroes from ancient China and feudal Japan to band together and prevent the villain's resurrection.

In addition to the story mode, Warriors Orochi 2 will also have four competitive multiplayer modes, a Dream Mode with a second storyline to play through, and a roster of more than 90 characters from the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors franchises. Developed by series studio Omega Force, Warriors Orochi 2 is set for a September release in North America.

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I can't believe people actually hate this game its one of the best.

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Renbu. Bring it back for all Warriors games. Other than that, I can't wait for this.

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So the makers of practically unfinishable games or what I call them "Mass-Games" are doing good . Well , nice , samurai warriors 1000 hours and counting zzzzz

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I've seen Youtube videos of this game(the Japanese) one,and this game REALLY ROCKS!!! I can't wait for this game to come out in the US! The new characters have great movesets,and Shin Orochi owns.The story is MUCH BETTER,and it has cutscenes other than the same opening and no cutscenes afterwards until the ending which weren't that good.The cutcenes are cool and exciting.Check out Youtube as many people put them up.There are over 200 videos of battles.

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...it will be crazy if Orochi warriors gets and Empires and Extreme ledgends version.....

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Glad I grew up on the Beat-em-up genre in the late 80's... And because of that I have a unique interest in this game... Out of curiosity... Would Koei again surprise us if they managed to pull off a Portable version in the future...? Or since the big popularity of Open world games... A large scale world for "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" would be interesting...

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If u love dw...u surely will love it...

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If they would just release one game and release DLC for new characters and scenarios, that would be more palateble than buying the same game every year.

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im not too sure what i think about this game.

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Honestly, I love the series, but I've only bought DW4. I can't understand why anyone is buying new versions of the Warriors series. They are exactly the same! It seems like a waste. Honestly, I'd be more inclined to buy new spinoffs even if they were complete bastardizations of the series. Like how Mario has sports games, party games, minigames....

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Let's run through that history one more time. 1. First game on the PS1. 2. Second game on the PS2. 3. Third game on the PS2 AND...Xbox 360?!? LOL! It's really no surprise when you look back at the history and see what kind of people Sony are. I mean, they ripped off Nintendo to create the Playstation & wouldn't have dreamed of getting into the games business until after they stole their ideas to get it started.

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Dynasty Warriors for-evah!!!

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1.5 mill shipped, not necessarily sold.

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telling them to stop making DW , is like telling EA to stop making MADDEN. they are the same craps

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Warriors Orochi is a garbage? Why there's so many people buy it? I can't understand.........

Avatar image for AgileNate

Sigh, I remember when these games were fun but after Dynasty Warriors 3 it was the same old thing with the smallest feature tacked on. You think they would add some new detail as well, the 360 version should look a lot better then a PS2 game.

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cool can't wait

Avatar image for Xxgood-timesXx

meh, i enjoyed playing dynasty warriors 3 one time, but damn does anyone else get tired of consistently pressing x, and capturing stronghold's that no way impact the outcome of the battle? 1.5 million sold? thats quite alot but warrior orochi is just another DW game slashed with a different title, these games suck, and i hope they reinvent something eventually instead of serving the same ol'crap everytime they release these types of game. if people were smart enough to not buy these types of games, maybe the creators would reinvent something more thrilling, which dident suck and would keep people's attention, instead of releasing the same old crap every 6-8 months, with terrible story modes and multiplayer.

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I didn't like dw5, but dw5 empires turned me on to the saga and i got dw6 and warriors orochi. It would be cool if they had Orochi 2 empires with multiplayer conquest.

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Orochi 1 is a fun game, however it should have been a role playing game, not a Beat-um-Up.

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Could it be possible? Koei pulling an EA? >_> Shuddup haters Even for myself, I've been playing the series for years. It's almost the same thing with changes that only fans would notice... but I feel compelled to buy them all nonetheless. Whatever secret propaganda Koei is slipping into these games, it's working apparently. :D

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A lot of people sure do like pressing Square/X all the time. Though I will admit Dynasty Warriors type games are a guilty pleasure of mine. If only everyone was as wise and informed as the core gamers. We'd see brilliant games all the time.

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omg 1.5 mil peoples. thats way too many. if it wasn't bargain priced than tehy were ripped

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I finished orochi and enjoyed it quite abit its alot of fun when playing with a friend

Avatar image for y2jg

wow! that's 1.5 million people I sure as hell don't know!

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Who keeps buying this garbage?

Avatar image for MetalMan300

please no... make a real innovation or please stop....

Avatar image for GatCloudX


Avatar image for Telekenesis123

Nice, I enjoyed orochi more than dw 6. I want another empires game! How about a China and japan map in orochi empires!

Avatar image for TWiSTEDmerc

I can see that the fan base is far from lost.

Avatar image for 09231991

Yeah boondagger, shut up! DW is very good series. Orochi wasn't the best of the series but it was decent none the less. The best one out of all the series was DW 4, my all time favorite. But honestly, I didn't expect a sequel. :]

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"Warriors Orochi 2" is a very good game. There are al lot of innovations. You can read here: - << LINK REMOVED >> - << LINK REMOVED >> - << LINK REMOVED >> -------------------------------

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Who plays crap like this anyway...?

Avatar image for cod4_MADDOG104

cool but it would be better on ps3 think of the graphics

Avatar image for soundofspeet

Oh, no, boondagger, don't go waving your finger at people who enjoy a game just because you don't. And besides, we're not all teenagers. I'm 23, and I've been playing the series for 5 years regularly. I'm just a big fan of beat-em-ups who happens to love the way Koei does the formula. Get over yourself.

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I have Dynasty Warriors 6, and its a very fun game. I haven't purchased a DW game since 3, but after trying out 6 I was hooked. They managed to make the franchise fun again, by making the player think about the overall battle, not just combos and kill counts. There is alot more nuanced stratagy in 6 then in prior games, and the fighting styles look both beautiful and deadly. I haven't played Warriors Orochi, or the other spin-offs from the Samuri Warriors games, but DW6 is a winner IMO, and I'm glad Koei games are selling well.

Avatar image for boondagger9801

I blame each and every one of you shallow minded teenagers who keep on buying these mediocre games at full price for the continued franchising of this DEAD series. Here's a novel idea... why not reinvent the series... design a GOOD graphics engine and... oh why not, try writing some AI script as well.

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Well..I'd like to say that I'm interested, but...let's face it: the series as a whole has seen a continous drop in quality. Changing around the characters, story, and setting won't change the fact that this is another hack 'n slash.

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They need to make a Real-Time Romance Indeed little necklace, that has all the cheese you need.

Avatar image for Netherscourge

They need to make a Real-Time Romance of the 3 Kingdoms.

Avatar image for CharlieFubar

i thought dw 4 was ok too but 6 was kinda lame... still fun with friends tho

Avatar image for VenomRitual

the games have really gone down in quality after DW 3.

Avatar image for -GhostMLD-

another next gen exclusive for 360!

Avatar image for SaintJotun

Awesome. Picking this up.

Avatar image for Guts5

"Great_Ragnarok no PS3?? weird. " Not really. Longer development times means it's more expensive. Coding in C# is quick and easy comparativly. According to many devs.

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Everyone who made these games should be hung.

Avatar image for Kuriei

I wish it was another empires game, oh well.

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Ah interesting. Bladestorm is FAR superior than all of these other games listed. It's a lot of fun and having to worry about which troop type you have vs the other 12+ troop types is tactical and cool. Example You are using a polearm and they are using Rapiers... you are toast almonst instantly. Let's hope they incorporate some of the cool featuers of Bladestorm.

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