Warriors of Might and Magic Preview

Warriors of Might and Magic, the latest entry in the long line of Might and Magic titles, follows the journey of Alleron as he fights his way through the Pit of the Accused.


Keeping with the theme of the fantasy-based universe of Heroes of Might and Magic, Warriors of Might and Magic follows the story of Alleron, a warrior found guilty of witchcraft. He is consequently marked with a supernatural mask that cannot be removed, the Mask of the Accused, and is banished to the Pit of the Accused. There he must fight his way to freedom through swarms of demons, monsters, and other atrocities. That's where you come in.

The game features fairly linear level design - you make your way through dungeons and temples, encountering a wide assortment of evil ranging from giant snakes to sages and ax-throwing ogres, all of which are kept plentiful thanks to the monster generators, à la Gauntlet. As the title suggests, you have both might and magic at your disposal, with the might coming in the form of swords, axes, and other melee weapons scattered throughout the game. The magic is, well, magic. And while it's based on the same engine used in the RPG adventure Crusaders of Might and Magic, Warriors of Might and Magic is coming together as a hack and slash adventure game first and foremost, though hints of RPG elements are apparent. As you progress through the game, your character's strength and mana levels increase as you gain experience, allowing you to inflict more damage and execute more costly spells.

Graphically, Warriors of Might and Magic is a work in progress. The dungeons are still pretty sparse, though there are glimpses of some impressive lighting and particle effects in the form of some very promising spells. While there are also issues with the camera and AI, Warriors of Might and Magic still has plenty of time to add polish, as its release date is still months down the road. Look for Warriors of Might and Magic sometime in November.

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