Warner to put Doom on the big screen

Warner Bros. Pictures will soon have the movie rights for Doom, the classic first-person shooter.


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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. Pictures and id Software are in the final stages of negotiation on a deal for a Doom movie that should get the cameras rolling within 15 months. If the studio doesn't start work on the movie in that time, the rights will revert back to id. A production company has been chosen, but the script won't be started until the deal is finalized. Despite the game's reputation for graphic first-person action, the studio is aiming for a PG-13 rating for the movie.

The Hollywood Reporter story quotes id CEO Todd Hollenshead as saying that the game studio doesn't want to miss out on making a Doom movie "again," and that Warner's commitment to finishing the movie is important to id.

Id Software is currently working to finish the next Doom game sometime next year. Id has had a long-standing publishing relationship with Activision, but the small Texas-based studio holds the rights to its game franchises and the technology that powers them. We'll have more on the Doom movie as details become available.

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