Warner doodling with Scribblenauts

Publisher picks up 5TH Cell's open-ended, noun-based DS puzzle game for a fall release.


Developer 5TH Cell boasts that its upcoming DS puzzle game Scribblenauts will let players solve puzzles by writing any noun they can think of on the touch screen and watching that item magically appear in the game. The studio must have tried out the word "publisher," as Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announced that it has acquired the Scribblenauts IP and will be putting it on store shelves this fall.

Maybe a Whopper for the copper would do the trick.
Maybe a Whopper for the copper would do the trick.

While the premise of the game is ambitious, 5TH Cell has made a name for itself making creative and novel games for Nintendo's handheld system. 2007's Drawn to Life was a platformer that allowed players to doodle their own characters and in-game items, while last year's Lock's Quest added strategy and role-playing elements to the tower defense subgenre of strategy games.

The object of Scribblenauts is to help protagonist Maxwell acquire a star in each of 200 different levels. Players will be able to write nouns on the game's virtual notepad and watch as those items appear and "behave as they would in real life." 5TH Cell promises that each level will have a variety of solutions and that the game will include multiple play modes and unlockable content.

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