Warner Bros. gripped by F.3.A.R.?

Spanish-language teaser ad appears to indicate publisher is on the verge of announcing third installment in Monolith-created paranormal shooter franchise.

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Source: A teaser from an unnamed Spanish magazine, relayed by the NeoGAF forums.

What we heard: Activision took an axe to many of Vivendi's in-development projects in the wake of the pair's multibillion-dollar merger in 2008, and one party happy to scoop up the shavings was Monolith Entertainment. The Warner Bros.-owned studio was able to acquire the rights to its paranormal shooter franchise F.E.A.R., paving the way for the studio to use the acronym for the game's sequel, F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin.

The purchase also seems to have cleared the way for a third installment in the F.E.A.R. franchise. As spotted by a resident of the gaming-centric NeoGAF forums, F.E.A.R. 3 will be featured in a Spanish magazine next month. In the scan of the teaser page posted by the forum-goer (pictured), it would appear as if Warner Bros. has signed off on the alpha-numeric F.3.A.R. title. Spanish language text accompanying the picture reads: "next issue."

Kids grow up so fast these days.
Kids grow up so fast these days.

The scan shows what appears to be the series' antagonist, creepy kiddo Alma, who is apparently with child. Also pictured is a gun-toting, long-haired man who may be a member of the First Encounter Assault Recon team. Another man, who may or may not be original antagonist Paxton Fettel, is also shown, having apparently shrugged off a bullet wound to the cranium. The three are pictured above a nuclear blast, with Alma's fetus situated inside the heart of the mushroom cloud.

The official story: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment had not responded to requests for comment as of press time.

Bogus or not bogus?: Tentative not bogus. Attempts to verify the scan's origin have proven fruitless, but sales of the past two F.E.A.R. games were strong enough to warrant a third installment. A more definitive answer should arrive next month.

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Avatar image for DANNNNNNYYYYYYY

getting it for pc end of story

Avatar image for sheepradish

Yeah this game is coming out!

Avatar image for SonicEXE

@Marky 360 I agree with Exia and Zidan, while consoles are solid and typically the games are developed toward specification of the system so they run well (most of the time) but when it comes down to it a 500 dollar PC can double the specifications of a console, and a 300 dollar PC could easily match a console. That doesn't change the fact i like my PS3 and my 360, and even my Wii. There's situational use for all 4 gaming machines. I play shooters and strategies on PC, RPGs on PS3, and wii/360 exclusives respectively on their consoles. That's just one persons style though. But in the end consoles and PCs coexist, they don't overrule either, they're meant to give options to the realm of gaming.

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@ Marky360 there is no console that can beat the pc

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@ferreira1235 you dont have to pay more money for a pc , you can pay a 300$ for a pc that is more powerful than a console.

Avatar image for Marky360

@frerreira1235 goes to show u who's the real dumbass as I have both the 360 and the PS3 and like the PS3 better but I'd expect a idiot comment like that coming from a PC fanboy. And judging buy your username u probably can't count 1235 WTF?

Avatar image for ferreira1235

@Marky360 1:I don't know about gameplay but in terms of graphics PC's are ahead of consoles(even if it means paying a hell of a lot more cash, but w.e xD) 2: PC gaming isn't dead, and judging by your user name you're probably a 360 fanboy so I won't waste any more time with you cíao, dumbass

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@zidan4000 u got to be kidding there isn't a game out there thats better on PC nothing PC makes everything worst. I don't know y they still make games for PC. PC gameing is dead hah as if it were ever alive

Avatar image for thingta42

Damn noobs thumbing down me. F.E.A.R 3 needs to be Next-gen not this gen.

Avatar image for simo_tmm

I know a lot of people don't agree with me but I think FEAR is an overrated game, I just didn't enjoy playing it. As to the pictures- they look too cheat to be real.

Avatar image for StSk8ter29

Hope it's not as bad as Driv3r

Avatar image for kingpinx6666

FEAR 2 wasn't scary at all. The school level and the decapitaion was a bit scary but it was no hair riser like its predecessor. Especially the escape from the bunker. All those ghosts hunting you.

Avatar image for ibeatu85x

if F3AR is the best name they can make up, then whats next. FE4R?

Avatar image for deadcowboy6

good news for a great series

Avatar image for Paul9Rhymes

I love the F.E.A.R. games, The monsters, the paranormal activities, but mostly I adore Alma (little girl, she is like a raging pitbull unleashed, or should i say like a living nuclear bomb), I love her insane powers. I hope maybe they will bring in the 3d FEAR more little Alma and less mature Alma, he-he-he.

Avatar image for Paul9Rhymes

Yeaaa!! I hope they will make the 3d one

Avatar image for payne6705

@thecraponahat YES!!!! that game was so much fun I hope they make a new blood game I doubt it though.

Avatar image for zidan4000

@thingta42 or they can just make a pc version which has hardware light years ahead of consoles , that game sells best on pc anyways and i felt wrong when i played F.E.A.R 2 on a console , it was obviously made for pc.

Avatar image for zidan4000

the only one i played was F.E.A.R:Project Origin , and that game was creepy as hell , the only problem was that the story didnt have a satisfying ending, anyways i cant wait for F3AR and i hope that it will have a better story.

Avatar image for thecraponahat

Monolith should also make a new Blood game :( i miss caleb

Avatar image for johnryandaplin

f3ar haha

Avatar image for oneligas

more FEAR is good

Avatar image for ratt19

cool, cant wait :D

Avatar image for ChiefFreeman

They need a new game engine badly. The Fear engine is really showinig it's age, and looks pretty dated. The same goes for the game design. People even complained that the first games levels were too linear and repetitive. If they just use the same formula for the third game it won't sell very well.

Avatar image for angelkadaj

so, the crazy alma will be back... She scared the hell out of me when I played the 1st one :D I hope she'll scare the hell out of me again :P Anyway, I hope they'll come up with a good name, not just F.3.A.R.

Avatar image for deactivated-58f15668ad6ad

I didnt think Perseus Mandate was horrible like some people but how it began really killed it for me. The environment of the first level looked horrible imo. Either it was my graphics or there was just really really bad lighting to go along with it.... Like Extraction for the action though... But they killed Holiday >:O

Avatar image for Charocks

FEAR 2 had nothing on the original. The first was actually scary while 2 was run & gun. I actually like Perseus Mandate more the Extraction Point because I thought it was a tad creepier and the story was more driving IMO. Besides in Extraction they killed Holiday!

Avatar image for snake_6483

I really liked FEAR and Extraction Point. Perseus Mandate was kinda crappy and FEAR 2, despite being a pretty good game, just was not the FEAR I was expecting. I hope they go back to the original formula. I dont care for the firefights as much as I like crapping my pants when Alma shows up. I just didn't get that from FEAR 2. I want things like the hospital scene from Extraction Point and all that good freaky stuff!

Avatar image for oclane

Hopefully this is real F.E.A.R was excellent and despite the poor reviews it received so was F.E.A.R 2 making the series a trilogy would be awesome plus the second instalment left the game open to new revelations i just hope this time they make the game a tad more psychological , edge of your seat scary like the first. As for F.E.A.R files extraction was OK but ending was seemingly pointless as for perseus mandate i found that quite repetitive really the first one should have ended with the original

Avatar image for Diernes

Ok, some of you obvious only ever played the console versions. For it's time the PC version of FEAR was amazing. Dont beleive me? Go read the review of it on this very site. Personally I am sick to death of all the "realistic shooters" that arent actually that realistic anyway, just toy soldiers.. *cough* Modern Warfare *cough*. Let's bring back the gore to the FPS genre. FEAR FILES, (and all the third party offshoots this title had) as well as the sequel were un-inspiried and in the case of the third party really bad. But the original was revolutionary when it first came out (not the watered down console version) This series has potential, they need to bring it back to what made the first one so great. btw the pregnant alma probably refers to Paxton and the original protagonist who were her children who she had as a military experiment BEFORE her death.

Avatar image for TWayne1020

I Loved F.E.A.R 2. Did not care much for F.E.A.R. files, but am looking foward to F.E.A.R. 3.

Avatar image for Zanoh

@Lost-Memory I have played the second one....Not as much fun as the first, and plot wise it left me more confused.

Avatar image for BetardxFoosier

I like Monolith more for the Condemned series. Those games actually are scary. I've played F.E.A.R.2 and didn't really like the combat system: seemed like the tacky shooting aspects of Condemned 2 put into it's own game.

Avatar image for Lost-Memory

@Zanoh Obviously you never played the second one ? I am personally a fan of both games.

Avatar image for shkar

ALMA is hot......

Avatar image for thingta42

Yeah fear 3! Well i played both f.e.a.r games and the second one dispite being short, was really fun. Althoughj i personaly think they should wait untill the next xbox console. The market right now is flooded with shooters. And i think in order to do f.ea.r 3 justice i think there should better hardware to fuel it.

Avatar image for IUltimateOneI

Yes, I've been waiting for a F.E.A.R. 3 to come out. Most horror games now a days are so disappointing, and aren't even scary. However, F.E.A.R. was definitely successful in bring true fear into a video game like never before, hence why it was critically acclaimed. Whether the other two were successful, or not (which they were), with an ending like F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, they would've made a F.E.A.R. 3, regardless of what critics said. In my opinion, Alma is obviously in the middle. Paxton Fettel is on the right side. It looks like him, just drawn in high quality. The bullet in the head is likely there to indicate that when you kill Paxton in the first F.E.A.R., it's suppose to be a headshot, lol. As for the man on the right, I'm thinking Sergant Buckethead. I mean, his hair is long and he's got a beard, but hey, if you were raped in a chair by a dead chick and was left to sit on your ass for months on end, I think you'd look like a greasy hairy bum to xD Can't be point man though, it looks nothing like Fettel, there facial structure, especially the nose, or very different. Maybe a new character, or an old one no one acknowledged?

Avatar image for adamosmaki

Hey monolith how about a Bl3od game?

Avatar image for Hellbishop

Would be fantastic to see a FEAR 3 with the horror ambience of the sequel and the military realism of the first. Love the creepy blood curdling spanish poster.

Avatar image for whynotdairy

If they make another F.E.A.R. they should focus on graphics like the first one. F.E.A.R. 2 tried to make it more of a combat game ( In the sense that the story and horror parts were downplayed)

Avatar image for immortality20

I loved both games

Avatar image for x8VXU6

hope its better than FEAR 2

Avatar image for nick280455

i have to disagree with all of you, i think the fear 1 and 2 were amazing. i beat fear 1 three times and fear 2 seven times

Avatar image for Richardthe3rd

FEAR was promising. FEAR 2 is easily one of the worst FPS games I've ever played, it was a stunning, horrible joke. Suffice to say, I could care less about this, and am a little angry that they think FEAR2 deserved an encore.

Avatar image for Awfultruth

a 3rd to the most repetitive games ever. looking foward to not playing it.

Avatar image for auntbessie

Can't say I'm all that excited, the demo for the second one was enough to put me off buying it, especially after the underwhelming expansion packs. FEAR needs a total overhaul if it's to stand any chance of being half decent

Avatar image for StiffZombie

FEAR has been an interesting series so far. Not great, but good. FEAR 1 was interesting but dated, and FEAR 2 was generally underwhelming. Hopefully this third installment will have the budget and time to really be a big release. Forget MP for FEAR. Instead, give us a great campaign with co op being a possibility.

Avatar image for 96windsor

They're really thinking of naming it F3AR? /facepalm

Avatar image for D1zzyCriminal

The guys that played FEAR 1 first im guessing were all at least disappointed by the second. in the second the AI was worse, the guns didnt feel as powerfull and the atmosphere was... different. FEAR 2 wasnt a bad game to those who hadnt played the first because all they were expecting was scares, and thats all they got.