Warlords to invade DS

PC turn-based strategy series joins Jagged Alliance 2 and Disciples II in publisher's lineup for Nintendo's portable.


The Warlords franchise is set to conquer new territory. Strategy First today announced that it will be bringing the classic series of PC turn-based strategy games (not to be confused with the arcade game of the same name) to the Nintendo DS.

Strategy First has entrusted developer Glyphic Entertainment with the task of bringing the franchise to the portable intact, and the current features list suggests the studio will retain some of the series' most familiar components. Warlords DS will support turn-based hotseat or Wi-Fi play for up to eight players, with 20 premade scenarios to play through and randomized maps to keep things fresh.

Gamers will be able to produce 28 different types of armies, as well as access statistics for each battle that show the balance of power and military strength as it tips with each passing turn. And while there are economic and diplomatic aspects of the gameplay, the game's main focus is on combat. Strategy First is also promising artificial intelligence that will be able to challenge veteran gaming generals, as well as a tutorial system with a military advisor that can ease newer strategy fans into the action.

Warlords is the third offering in Strategy First's catalog of upcoming releases, joining the previously announced Jagged Alliance 2 and Disciples II.

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