WarioWare Touched! bugging out

Some Japanese gamers are having problems with the new WarioWare game for the Nintendo DS.


TOKYO--Nintendo of Japan today announced the company has discovered issues in three of the minigames featured in Sawaru Made in Wario for the Nintendo DS. The game was released in Japan on December 2, and it will be hitting America under the name of WarioWare Touched! in February.

Nintendo explains that the problems found in Sawaru Made in Wario only occur when the game is played with a certain batch of DS handheld units, which the company apparently overlooked during the inspection phase of production. "We thoroughly inspect our products prior to shipment, but we could not recognize the issues since they happen when played with a fraction of the units," Nintendo revealed in a statement. "We hope to increase our efforts to make sure problems do not occur in the future."

For WarioWare Touched! users in Japan who are experiencing problems, Nintendo will replace the game for free beginning December 24. The company assures that users who haven't experienced the problems have nothing to worry about and can continue to play the game. The three issues announced by Nintendo all take place in the Kat and Ana stages. Their explanations are below:

Ma-me Denkyuu (Miniature Light Bulb)
The player is supposed to draw cords to connect a light bulb to a battery, but the cords can't be drawn.

Douka-sen (Fuse)
The player is supposed to draw a fuse between a bomb and a fire source, but the fuse can't be drawn.

Kurai Heya (Dark Room)
The player is supposed to find a man hiding in a dark room by shining a flashlight on him for a certain amount of time, but the flashlight keeps blinking, so the game can't be completed.

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