WarioWare: Snapped leads DSi Shop launch lineup

Brain Age Express: Math, Master of Illusion, Bird & Beans, Art Style: Aquia all available day one through newly redesigned handheld's online store.


As part of the 2009 Game Developers Conference last week, DSi project lead Masato Kuwahara offered an in-depth look at the second revision of Nintendo's best-selling handheld. One area the developer addressed was the DSi Shop, an online service that features downloadable games and other applications in a manner similar to its Wii Shop equivalent.

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Today, Nintendo confirmed just what gamers can expect to find on the DSi Shop when it launches in the US on April 5. WarioWare: Snapped, which GameSpot previewed during this year's GDC, is perhaps the highest profile of the five games that will be available on day one. Nintendo will also have on offer a new Brain Age title--Brain Age Express: Math--which focuses on the arithmetic portion of the gray-matter-growing franchise.

Of the lesser-known titles, Nintendo announced Bird & Beans, where players will use "an elastic tongue" to collect falling beans of varying point totals. Master of Illusion Express: Funny Face serves as a portable magician; players can draw a face on the DSi's touch screen that can perform card tricks. Lastly, Art Style: Aquia is a minigame compilation that features a variety of underwater-themed puzzles.

Nintendo did not reveal pricing information for any of the launch-day titles. However, as previously announced, the publisher did say that anyone who connects to the DSi Shop before October 5 will automatically receive 1,000 Nintendo DSi points ($10) on the house. Also previously mentioned, DSiWare purchases, along with music, photos, and other content, are stored in the new device's new SD Card slot.

Along with the premium content, the DSi Shop will offer an Internet browser application as a free download. Similar to the Web browser released for the DS Lite in 2007, the DSi Browser will be powered by Opera. It offers a variety of display options, with either an entire Web page shown on the lower screen and a zoomed-in version appearing on the top, or a widescreen mode, in which pages are displayed to match the screen size.

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