WarioWare Inc. DS E3 2004 Preshow Impressions

Nintendo is bringing its patented minigame madness to the DS.


WarioWare Inc. DS is the latest incarnation of Nintendo's award winning GBA game starring Mario's surly alter ego. The game on display at E3 features all-new fast-paced minigames that require you to make use of the lower touch screen along with the stylus to play along with whatever minigames Wario throws at you. The angry little guy is ensconced on the top display of the DS and throws boxes at you that contain timed minigames in the style of the ones seen in the GBA and GameCube versions of the game.

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The catch to the new minigames is that you'll rely on your stylus to play along. We saw a number of variations on the theme as the games whizzed by. One game required you to quickly rub the stylus over a certain point on the screen to make the impression of a coin appear; one required you to slash a rope; one had you spinning an object in order to let a dog go free; one had you painting a woman's nails with fingernail polish; and yet another had you tapping numbered objects in ascending order.

The graphics stay true to the simple art style seen in all the WarioWare games and made use of some goofy character designs. The upper screen displayed Wario in all his grimacing sprite-based glory, just as he appears in the GBA and GC games. The action moved quickly and animated nicely as Wario flung the boxes from the top of the screen, which triggered minigames in the bottom. The audio is typical WarioWare, with fast-paced music that increases in intensity, along with grating sound bites from the man himself. Look for more on the game from the E3 show floor and in the coming months.

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