Warhound kenneled until 2008

Call of Juarez developer Techland delays modern-day first-person shooter to next year.


With its Wild West first-person shooter Call of Juarez soon to be unholstered, Techland unveiled one of its newest projects last January. Titled Warhound, the ambitious modern-day first-person shooter was at that time set for a late 2007 release on the PC and Xbox 360. However, the Polish developer said today that the game has been bumped back to an unspecified 2008 ship date on both platforms.

In Warhound, players assume the role of a Delta Force squaddie-turned-mercenary soldier who now works for an influential military contractor. The game offers a nonlinear, highly customizable first-person shooter experience, where players can acquire their own intelligence, choose their own weapon loadouts, and decide where and when they'll deploy. Emphasizing the mercenary gameplay, players are also responsible for maintaining their soldier's fitness level, finances, and reputation.

For more on Warhound, check out GameSpot's preview from this year's Game Developers Conference.

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