Warhawk upgrades to Operation: Broken Mirror

Second booster pack to Incognito's online-centric shooter touches down on Sony's PlayStation 3 for $7.99 on April 17.


Although Incognito's Warhawk is available as a boxed product at brick-and-mortar retailers, the online-centric game has also led Sony's efforts in distributing full games over the PlayStation Network. Thus far, the publisher has been using the game's downloadable status to good effect, having released periodic updates and booster packs over the PlayStation Network. In December, the Omega Dawn pack debuted alongside the game's second major update.

The new APC will help plow through Vaporfield Glacier.
The new APC will help plow through Vaporfield Glacier.

With the third free major update slated to arrive in April, Warhawk game director Dylan Jobe said today by way of Sony's official blog that the second booster pack, Operation: Broken Mirror, has gone gold and will be available for download alongside Gran Turismo 5 Prologue beginning on April 17.

As with the first booster pack, Broken Mirror will require a $7.99 entrance fee. Once purchased, gamers will have access to the new Vaporfield Glacier battlefield, which offers 10 different layouts. The booster pack also adds two new armored personnel carriers and 10 layouts for existing battlefields that have been designed to take advantage of the new vehicles.

In his post, Jobe went into detail about what gamers can expect from Vaporfield Glacier. As can be surmised, Vaporfield Glacier offers a snow-blanketed environment, and Jobe said that dynamic weather effects will factor into the gameplay. With Vaporfield broken down into 10 different sections--up from five seen in the first booster--Jobe also said that the new level will appeal the most to fans of small- to medium-sized maps.

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