Warhawk E3 2005 First Impressions

The original Warhawk was a launch title for the PlayStation, and it's back on the PS3. Here are our first impressions from E3 2005.


Old-time fans of Sony's console endeavors should fondly remember Warhawk, a launch title for the original PlayStation console, appearing alongside games like Ridge Racer to help inaugurate Sony's entrance into the home entertainment market. Warhawk was a fantastic game, pitting a single super warplane into battle against dozens of enemy fighters and ships in a mission to save the world from the evil Kreel, who was attempting to capture a new form of energy and use it to fuel his world takeover. Well, Warhawk is back for the PS3, according to Sony's press conference, and it's looking mighty impressive.

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This new Warhawk is under the reins of Incognito, which is made up of some of the original Singletrac developers from the PlayStation version of the game. The short snippet of gameplay in the press conference video didn't bear much resemblance to the Warhawk of old, but it was hard to tell precisely how much of it was actually gameplay footage. Intriguingly, the clip started off with images of a squad of soldiers moving through what appeared to be a cave, which seems to imply that there will be some kind of first- or third-person action segments in the game. The original Warhawk was exclusively flight-based.

Indeed, though, the clip quickly returned to the skies, initially showing only three fighter planes, before pulling back to reveal an insanely large fleet of fighters and zeppelin-sized warships. No aerial shooting took place, as the clip was apparently intended just to show off the concurrent graphical capabilities of the PS3 (there were literally hundreds of ships onscreen at the same time).

As time goes on, we'll hopefully have more impressions on Warhawk. Speaking as huge fans of the original game, we can honestly say that we're mighty intrigued by the appearance of this old favorite on the latest and greatest Sony system.

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