Warhammer Online career roster expands

Greenskin Choppa, Dwarf Slayer being introduced to Mythic's MMOG as part of live expansion event in March; new dungeon, official forums, free trial planned.


With Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning's September launch deadline looming last year, Mythic Entertainment opted to make a number of cuts to the massively multiplayer online game rather than push back its release date once more. Along with excising a number of cities from the MMOG's beta test, Mythic chose to trim its selectable career roster from 24 to 20. However, general manager Mark Jacobs expressed a strong interest in reintroducing those classes at a later date.

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In December, Jacobs and his company realized a portion of those plans, reintroducing the Dark Elf Blackguard and Empire Knight of the Blazing Sun. The developer also noted that though the remaining two careers--the Dwarf Hammerer and Greenskin Choppa--were en route, one would see a substantive change.

Today, Mythic announced that the remaining two classes will be reintroduced to Warhammer Online. Their introduction will be part of the Call to Arms "live expansion event," which is both an in-game event and content expansion. True to its word, Mythic has decided to sideline the Dwarf Hammerer concept in favor of a Dwarf Slayer model. Much like its Greenskin counterpart, the Slayer is a high-damage, lower-armor frontline melee fighter, specializing in dishing out carnage without regard for personal safety.

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The Call to Arms event kicks off in March, but will extend through June with the introduction of a new dungeon and zone. Set within the new Land of the Dead open-world area, the Tomb Kings dungeon has been billed by Mythic as a spiritual successor to the Dark Age of Camelot zone Darkness Falls.

Mythic's planned tweaks extend beyond the game as well. The Call to Arms event will also usher in the addition of a new Realm Wars section on Warhammer Online's Web site, the introduction of official forums, and a free trial version of the game.

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