Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine getting Dreadnought DLC next week

New $10 content for Relic's sci-fi shooter brings new multiplayer mode, three new maps; free capture and control mode coming to all players.


In December, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine ushered in its first downloadable content in the form of the Chaos Unleashed pack. However, the sci-fi third-person shooter isn't finished growing just yet.

Space Marine's new DLC gives players new killing spaces and modes.
Space Marine's new DLC gives players new killing spaces and modes.

Publisher THQ has announced a new add-on for the game titled The Dreadnought. Available on Xbox Live, the PlayStation Network, and the PC on January 24 for $10, the content adds a new multiplayer mode and three fresh maps. It will be available in Europe on all platforms on January 25.

The new mode up for grabs in the content is Dreadnought Assault. In this game mode, teams will work to capture and control a central location. The victorious will be granted the help of a player-controlled Dreadnought, armed with high-powered weapons and tasked with capturing key locations to score points for its side.

In addition to the new game mode, the Dreadnought DLC includes three fresh multiplayer maps: Desolation, Dome Mechanicus, and Chem Refinery. New achievements and trophies are up for grabs in the content as well.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine gamers who don't purchase the Dreadnought DLC will also score new content. A new multiplayer capture and control mode will be available to all next week for free. This team-focused mode has gamers capturing and defending areas to amass points.

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I would almost be willing to pay for this . . . if it were bundled together with Chaos Unleashed and the price point was still $10.

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@Gelugon_baat I could not agree with you more :D

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Oh, I would love to see the armored sarcophagi in action. :D

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News like this make me lol and long for the days where you'd get this kind of official post-release content for free. Games like Unreal Tournament come to mind. Unfortunately, gamers love feeding the DLC beast with their $$ nowadays.

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Fun game. Wish I had more time to spare for it.

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I just made some strange noise when i read this headline. It was like- Whaaaaat! Hunnnnnggghhhhhhuuuh! Thats just cool. Im glad they are still supporting this game, but i generally stay away from DLC in any form. However when it comes to 40k i have a huge bias, and the new maps and nerd points is close, CLOSE to a sale for me. At half price, i would jump on it.

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If it was an expansion on the story of the main game, then I might have been interested. The MP just doesn't interest me in any way. The first DLC is the same thing, another pointless map pack for someone who prefers the SP game over the MP.

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nice but like everyone else. way way to late and again expensive

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Sounds nice

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I agree with Dennis, this DLC is way way too late and too expensive. Me and everybody i know alrdy traded in this game or just moved on to better games. This is a Fail on Relic's part for moving way to slow.

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kinda late, and terribly expensive..