Warframe's Zephyr Gets A Big Upgrade In Next Update

The under-utilized frame has been completely revamped to be more powerful, mobile, and useful in battle.


Warframe's under-utilized Zephyr model is getting a major upgrade in Update 29.10.0, one which aims to make the frame a more appealing alternative to players looking for a crowd- control suit that also boasts a high level of mobility. As revealed by Digital Extremes senior designer Pablo Alonso, all abilities except for Turbulence have been completely revamped.

At max rank, Tail Wind will do up to ten times the damage when used during a dive bomb attack and now also includes a hovering function when the ability key is held down. Airburst has also been reworked and will now draw enemies in and leave them lined up for a follow-up attack that has the potential to do big damage if the right gear is equipped.

Lastly, Tornado attacks will no longer need Air Bursts to be powered up and will start fully-formed in one of two modes that can be toggled between. Stationary and roaming modes for Tornado will be active depending on which one you choose and will pull enemies in instead of hurling them around the battlefield if they get too close. If players also want a new look for the Zephyr, they'll be able to apply a new Aviator-style skin as well.

More content is on the way to Warframe as it heads towards its milestone Update 30, or what Digital Extremes is referring to as Call of the Tempestarii. Railjacks are receiving a significant overhaul, the new necromancer Savagoth Frame that can cast area-of-effect attacks is coming, and a new ready-to-go melee weapon called the Ghoul will also be added once the developer figures out how to let players ride it.

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