Warframe's PS5 And Xbox Series X Upgrades Detailed

The free-to-play shooter from Digital Extremes is making the jump to next-gen--here's what to expect.


Digital Extremes' popular free-to-play shooter Warframe is headed to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The game will be playable on the new consoles, and Digital Extremes has now outlined some of the benefits that players will receive when playing on the new machines.

The game will run at up to 4K/60FPS on both consoles. Additionally, there will be "drastically" improved load times, while the game will look better too with dynamic lighting. "The light from the sun now casts long shadows through the trees, foliage creates dynamic shadows as you stalk through it, and the reflections of the dense Cetus market can be seen across your Warframe as you stroll through," the developer said in a statement.

The studio also built a "game-wide texture remaster" that helps Warframe look more detailed and rich, while this has also created a reduction in download size.

Digital Extremes also confirmed that Warframe will offer cross-gen multiplayer, but details are limited right now. The studio confirmed that PS4 and PS5 users can play together and their progress will move between each platform. The Xbox situation is not as clear, as Digital Extremes said further announcements about cross-gen between Xbox One and Xbox Series X will be announced later.

On PS5, Warframe will use the console's new Activities feature to allow players to get right into the Sanctuary Onslaught Challenge right from the menu. Additionally, the game makes use of the DualSense controller to make weapons feel more realistic.

"At launch using the PS5's adaptive triggers, players will experience the impact of every shot fired with each trigger pull, bringing a new level of immersion and thrill to your actions without comprising the tight, fast, fluid, and responsive controls that you can only get in Warframe," Digital Extremes said.

The studio added that it plans to make use of the DualSense's haptic feedback in a future update. Some examples provided included having the controller rumble to make it feel like you're walking on snow and in the dust.

Digital Extremes has also partnered with Sony for a special freebie. PS5 and PS4 owners can get the PlayStation Plus Booster Pack, which contains a PS5-themed Sedai Obsidian Syandana, boosters for experience and currency, along with allotments of credits and premium credits.

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