Warframe's Huge "Revised" Update Out Now On PS4, Xbox One

The patch brings substantial changes across the board, including the removal of self-damage and overhauls to armor, player health, and more.


Digital Extremes has delivered a massive update to console versions of the popular multiplayer shooter Warframe. Dubbed "Warframe Revised," the update first hit PC at the beginning of March, and it totally overhauls major aspects of the game from the ground up.

In the extremely lengthy patch notes, Digital Extremes details how it has changed or reworked many of the game's major systems. This includes the Rising Tide quest, which was added late last year, and allowed players to build their very own Railjack ship. The team behind the game felt that only a tiny portion of their most hardcore players were finishing it, so they've reduced the costs on the quests by large percentages. The update also scrunched the game's size considerably, from 48 GB to 29 GB on PS4.

This is all part of Digital Extremes' plan to improve Warframe over the course of the year, especially by making it more accessible to new players. Since it first came out in 2013, Warframe has become one of the most successful online shooters out there. In our 2019 review, our critic Alessandro Fillari noted the game's many improvements.

"While there are inevitable bouts of frustration here and there, I always manage to center myself once I move on to other opportunities. In a lot of ways, that's what Warframe manages to do best. One moment you're taking part in a random spy mission on Saturn, and the next, you're partnered up with a powerful squad of players that help you through several void fissures. Just when you feel like you've hit a lull, a better, and more fulfilling opportunity will likely present itself. Perhaps most importantly, Warframe makes sure that the time spent in its world is almost always well rewarded."

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