Warframe's Deadlock Protocol Update Is Live Now On PC

The update expands on the Corpus Faction's rise to power and introduces a new Warframe.


Deadlock Protocol is Warframe's latest big update, and PC players can get their hands on it right now. The update adds a new story quest, which will unlock the latest new time-bending Warframe, Protea.

Digital Extremes developers have compared the new update to Chains of Harrow, and in a similar vein, Deadlock Protocol will reimagine the Corpus Faction by diving deeper into its industrious origins. The update includes a complete remaster of the Corpus fleet, featuring remastered levels and new threats to overcome, including a re-worked Jackal boss battle.

The new Deadlock Protocol quest will let players unlock Protea, the game's newest Warframe, and is available to all players who have finished the Vox Solaris quest. She boasts a time-bending ability called Temporal Anchor that's led to comparisons to Overwatch's Tracer.

The update is currently live on PC, while versions for console players will be rolling out soon. If Protea's agile and aggressive moves don't suit your playstyle, the Digital Extremes team is already hard at work on its next Warframe, the community-designed Broken Frame.

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