Warframe: The New War Expansion Adds Caliban, A Ninja Beyblade With Laser Scissors

Caliban increases Warframe's already stacked roster to 48 unique playable Warframes.


Warframe: The New War is the next story-driven expansion for the free-to-play online multiplayer game. The expansion adds a new playable Warframe to the game called Caliban. Caliban is Warframe's 48th unique playable frame, and its abilities allow you to become a deadly Beyblade.

Though a basic description of each of Caliban's abilities can be found on Warframe's website, I got to see the new Warframe in action at a press preview event. One of Caliban's abilities is called Razor Gyre, and it sees the Warframe begin to spin with his blade extended. It makes him look a lot like a murderous top, even more so when you launch him at enemies, as Warframe live ops and community director Rebb Ford demonstrated in a hands-off demo.

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"You can also launch your Razor Gyre--I don't want to say, 'Like a Beyblade,' because I'll probably get quoted on that--but it is something you can maneuver and direct with intention," Ford said. Don't worry, Ford, I'll say it so you don't have to: Razor Gyre 100% makes Caliban look like a Beyblade.

During the presentation, Ford also demonstrated Caliban's Sentient Wrath, Lethal Progeny, and Fusion Strike abilities. Alongside Razor Gyre, they all look to make Caliban into a Warframe focused around crowd control, and one that could reasonably stand on its own without having to rely on allies.

"[Sentient Wrath] raises enemies in a bit of a ragdoll situation from a point of impact that Caliban makes," Ford said. "This synergies with Razor Gyre--the enemies that are airborne will take some added damage based on being able to pop them and go after them with your Razor Gyre." The shockwave of Sentient Wrath doesn't appear to go out very far, but seemed to prove devastatingly effective in enclosed corridors where enemies became bunched up.

After so many Warframes, it's incredible that developer Digital Extremes can still come up with unique designs.
After so many Warframes, it's incredible that developer Digital Extremes can still come up with unique designs.

"A lot of times, people ask for a summoner-esque Warframe--Caliban can indeed summon some Sentients," Ford continued. Lethal Progeny sees Caliban summon three Conculyst allies to aid him in battle, dealing damage to foes and drawing aggro. "They can also restore your shields so that you have a little bit of a survivability buff," Ford said.

In the presentation, Ford regularly used Lethal Progeny as a means of distracting enemies, giving herself time to heal or replenish her energy--it's with this ability that I think players are going to find the most independence with Caliban. A quick use of Lethal Progeny will likely help you survive encounters you'd normally need a friend to help you with.

"Caliban's ultimate [Fusion Strike] is very punchy--it's something where I'm going to look for a cluster of enemies before I cast it," Ford said. "The sound team, the animation team, and the design team absolutely knocked it out of the park with the feel of playing a Sentient Warframe."

She continued: "[Fusion Strike] is a tri-beam. What you'll see is that those three beams converge, which leads to added armor-stripping and added damage." Ford agreed with the joking comparison that Caliban's ultimate ability is just giant "laser scissors."

Though I didn't get to go hands-on with Caliban, the new Warframe does look pretty fun to play. And who doesn't want to run around as a giant ninja Beyblade that wields laser scissors? We'll find out whether the new frame is worth using soon enough, with The New War kicking off December 15.

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