Warframe "Heart Of Deimos" Expansion Now Available

Warframe's latest open-world expansion introduces a new area and a fan-created power suit.


The third open-world expansion for Warframe has launched, offering a new Warframe, a brand-new open-world area with loads to do, new transportation options, and more. It's available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Switch version coming later this week.

The centerpiece of the new expansion is the open-world area, the Cambion Drift. You can collect new resources like flora and mining resources, and interact with the beings there, the Entrati. Those will be your mission-givers as they give you tasks to help with their research. Completing progress with the Enrati will unlock the Helminth Segment for your Orbiter, which will unlock new Warframe customization options. You can also ride on Velicopods, native insectoid creatures.

The expansion also includes a new broken Warframe, Xaku. It was designed by the game community, including its suite of abilities that focus around the Void. You'll get a 25% chance of evading projectiles, stealing enemy firepower, and buffing your weapons. You can purchase the Xaku collection in the Market.

That all comes alongside a load of new weapons and other updates. You can check out the full list of additions through the official site.

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