Warframe Gets Xbox Series X|S Optimization Alongside Call Of The Tempestarii Update

The game runs at 60fps and in 4K on Xbox Series X.


Digital Extremes has released an update for Warframe that optimizes the free-to-play game on Xbox Series X|S, following in the footsteps of the PS5's similar update.The optimized version provides a substantial visual boost, including 4K resolution on Xbox Series X, and the release comes the same day the game's Call of the Tempestarii content update.

On Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Warframe runs at 60fps, with 4K and 1080p on the two consoles, respectively. The new rendering engine also allows for volumetric shadows and dynamic lighting, and there is also a new sound system to add more depth. Because of the game's cross-play functionality, next-gen players can still connect with their friends on Xbox One, as well.

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If you have been waiting for the new optimized version as an excuse to jump back into Warframe, you'll also get a hefty new content update. Call of the Tempestarii features a Rainjack battleship that you will be able to control, customize, and take into battle. Previous requirements for owning the ship have been removed, so you can take the behemoth into a fight and see what all the fuss is about.

"Once you set out, you'll notice that space flight is integrated with the larger universe of Warframe--more diverse game modes, streamlined rewards, and new missions," Digital Extremes senior producer Lesley Milner said in the announcement. "We also integrated Necramechs for you to equip a mech-like killing machine to obliterate enemies on Railjack missions.

A new story quest and a new Warframe suit are both available as part of the update, as well, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can get the Excalibur Jade Bundle for free. It contains several skins as well as a week-long Affinity Booster.

Alongside Xbox systems, Warframe is available on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC. There is also an optimized PS5 version. The game has had an extremely long life so far, releasing before the PS4 or Xbox One were even out and supporting the former at its launch.

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