Warframe Details Its Next File Size-Shrinking Update

Next week's Warframe PC update should shrink the total file size of the game by 8-10GB.


Warframe is currently going through a file downsize on PC, hoping to cut down its footprint by 15GB across three updates. Now, the second update in what developer Digital Extremes playfully refers to as "The Great Ensmallening" is on its way, and some details and screenshots have been revealed.

In a new Warframe forum post, Digital Extremes has explained that this coming update will focus on textures. "We are anticipating about 8-10 GB of savings with this round after a 10GB download," the post says--which means that after an update, the overall size of the game will shrink as older files are jettisoned.

While compressing these textures, the developer decided to also touch-up and improve them--meaning that the game will actually look better than it did before.

As the two screens below show, the cut in file size has not led to a cut in image quality.


...and after.
...and after.

The update will arrive for the PC version of Warframe within a week.

Warframe will come to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will improvements, and current-gen players will be able to carry their progress over.

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