Warface Xbox 360 Coming to an End

[UPDATE] Crytek now says it was Microsoft's decision to end support for the free-to-play shooter on Xbox 360.

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[UPDATE] As it turns out, the decision to remove Warface from Xbox 360 came from the game's publisher, Microsoft, according to a Crytek representative.

"With Microsoft acting as publisher for Warface on Xbox 360, we are bound by their decision to phase out the game on their console," a Crytek representative told Game Informer. "We appreciate their efforts in supporting Warface up to this point, but, like the many players we're hearing from, are sad to see the game leave from Xbox 360."

For its part, Microsoft offered its own statement on the Xbox Forums.

"We're always evaluating our portfolio to ensure that the experiences available on Xbox suit the needs of our community," the company said. "Player demand and creative direction sometimes mandate that we shift our focus onto other games and opportunities."

The original story is below.

Less than a year after free-to-play shooter Warface arrived on Xbox 360 in April, developer Crytek today announced plans to shut it down. The German studio wrote in a message on Facebook that the game will officially close on February 1, 2015.

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Existing users can continue to play, though effective immediately, Crytek will no longer accept new Warface players on Xbox 360. In addition, current players will no longer be able to purchase additional Warface "Kredits," the game's virtual currency.

Crytek did not say why it is choosing to close the Xbox 360 version of Warface. The company did, however, thank players for their support.

"To all our Xbox 360 players, thank you for choosing to spend your time playing Warface," Crytek said. "We hope you'll become part of the vibrant community enjoying regular new content and Co-op and Versus action--subscription free--on PC."

The Xbox 360 version of Warface is billed as "free," though an Xbox Live Gold subscription ($60/year) is required to play. The PC version, which has more than 25 million users, is entirely free, though of course you can pay for extra items with real-world money.

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