Warface Devs Unveil The Titan Update And Future Plans

New class, missions, and a horde mode coming later this year.


Following Warface's return to consoles last year, the free-to-play online shooter's overall scope and player-base have grown steadily. With that said, developer Blackwood Games--taking over for Crytek Kiev--have got much more in store for the future of Warface. This next phase kicks off with the Titan update, which introduces a new class known as the SED and additional events for your squad of soldiers to take on; one of these will take your team to Mars. Before the reveal of Titan update, we got some hands-on time with the game's new character-class in a PvE game-mode, which you can watch above.

As the poster-boy of the Titan update, the SED class is Warface's take on the familiar heavy archetype. Wielding large weapons like miniguns and a grenade launcher, the SED can mow down tons of enemies and lay down suppressive fire. Unlike the other classes, the SED is a fully cybernetic character, and with that comes some noticeable changes to squad-coordination. The SED can soak up a lot of damage while dishing it out in kind, yet it can still be taken out when overwhelmed. While other classes use Medics to stay in good health, the SED can only be revived by Engineers.

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Along with the next class, Titan will mark the beginning of new PvP updates, co-op missions, and time-sensitive events for the remainder of 2019. One of these limited-time events is set on Mars, allowing players to face off against rivals in PvP engagements with low-gravity and special blaster weapons. The online shooter will also receive several quality-of-life changes. One of these upgrades comes in the form of the new movement systems, which will overhaul player locomotion and hit-detection. Another inclusion is the new PvE mode called Arena, pitting a squad against waves of enemies in an enclosed space. The SED class will mark the beginning of the slew of updates coming to Warface. Other new updates include a new battle pass and seasonal events, including one focusing on Halloween. As of this time, exact dates for when these new modes and features will launch have yet to be revealed. However, players interested in getting an early look at the update can try it out during the public testing period sometime in October.

At its debut in 2013, Warface was playable on PC and Xbox 360, but the console version was eventually discontinued. Following the shutdown, Warface on PC refined and fleshed out its core gameplay, introducing several events and gameplay modes for players to dive into. This revamped Warface eventually made its way to modern consoles last year, which has been kept up to date with the PC platform. Warface has maintained a dedicated following since its launch.

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