Warcraft Movie Will Make Its Money Back, Poised for Huge Chinese Opening

The video game movie is on track for a major opening in China this week before US debut.


According to Hollywood news site Deadline, Legendary's video game movie Warcraft could make $150 million or more from its Chinese debut this coming week, helping the film make its money back on a global basis.

The film--which is getting mixed reviews--opens in China on Wednesday, June 8, and could make between $122 million and $152 million for its five-day launch period, the site said. It's already made $20.7 million in advance ticket sales, the third-highest midnight pre-sales total of all time for China, behind Fast & Furious 7 and The Avengers: Age of Ultron. It's expect to pass the latter today.

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Warcraft's opening on Wednesday in China comes at the end of the high school exam period and right before the Dragon Boat Festival begins on Thursday. A source told Deadline, "That's like having five Saturdays in a row."

On an international basis, Warcraft has already made $70 million, and it hasn't opened in the US yet. If the film even comes in at the bottom end of its Chinese projections, it is likely to make its money back. The film had a reported $160 million production budget, which it would cover if the film brings in $25 million for its US debut on June 10, as predictions have said.

A source told Deadline, "The world is changing with China becoming a bigger and bigger piece. When you have a film that can really play internationally and very strongly in China, maybe that allows you to take a risk and the opportunity to make a franchise out of international. China has more and more of a role to play."

Another tipster said they were sure the movie won't be a money-loser. "The movie makes its money back. China and Russia are nothing but good news for Legendary and Wanda," Deadline said.

Wanda is the Chinese company that paid $3.5 billion to acquire Legendary in January this year. For lots more on Warcraft's Chinese box office run, be sure to read the full Deadline story.

Director Duncan Jones has said he has ideas for two more Warcraft movies. Whether or not he gets to make them, and release a Warcraft extended cut, will depend on the box office performance of the first movie.

Warcraft is getting mixed reviews.

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