Warcraft Movie Sequel Details Emerge, Still Not Confirmed

Director Duncan Jones talks about what he has planned for the unannounced sequel.

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This story contains some Warcraft movie spoilers.

Although the 2016 Warcraft movie was a disappointment at the US box office, it did well in China and ended up making more than $430 million worldwide. It might lose money overall, though that doesn't necessarily rule out a sequel. Director Duncan Jones has ideas for a trilogy, but it remains to be seen if he'll get to make another movie.

Someone asked him on Twitter if there would be a Warcraft sequel, to which he frankly responded, "I truly don't know." Jones said he wants to make a follow-up but explained that the decision is up to Legendary, the production company behind the first movie.

While a Warcraft sequel is not confirmed, Jones recently shared some insight into what the movie's story might cover. In other tweets, he said a Doomplate for the character Ogrim was planned for sequel. He added: "With the orcs now in Azeroth, they learn about armor making in this new world."

Jones went on to say: "[Warcraft 2] would have seen Dalaran LAND in the Alterac mountains & magic proliferate as Kirin Tor try to be more open after death of Llane."

Here are some other quotes from Jones about his story plans for the Warcraft sequel:

  • "Main orc focus would have been Go'el's imprisonment & violent bid for freedom." [Source]
  • On the subject of the Alliance's main focus: "Don't want to give too much away, as who knows... but Khadgar unleashing Pandora's Box, Lothar arc, Varian." [Source]
  • Warcraft struggled, Jones says, because it had too many storylines: "You have to focus. Trying to serve too many threads is exactly the problem that got us in this position." [Source]

Warcraft is the highest-grossing video game movie in history, surpassing the Jake Gyllenhaal-starring Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time ($336 million globally). The newest video game film, Assassin's Creed, opened in December and has made around $86 million worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo.

Would you like to see a Warcraft sequel? Let us know in the comments below!

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Avatar image for markafaynboym

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I just made an account on here so I can comment. Blizzard made some awesome games. They need to find a way to bring the entire World of Warcraft story and Starcraft story in to movies and shows somehow. Maybe Netflix or something if that makes it easier to bring it forward.

Avatar image for ajarvis024

This is a great movie but the story is unfinished. There has got to be a direct sequel. If anyone from Legendary is reading this please make another movie.

Avatar image for georgiagirl777

I luv this movie I see it going big....I see the baby orc growing up and helping bring peace and defeating the evil demon orc for revenge on his parents I see the luv affair between the new king and the half orc woman being rekindled and what about the cheifton's best friend I see all kinds of potential... I see this going far...Also the young sorcerer becoming a powerful Madge I see this becoming a gr8 trilogy

Avatar image for blueknight2607

"Warcraft" is very much a movie that you need to watch two or more times. The first time I saw it in the theater, I was somewhat underwhelmed and, frankly, a bit let down. However, after taking it in on video, with the ability to pause it and do some research on the lore, I was much more appreciative of Jones' vision. Also, the beauty of the film, along with the nods to the game we all love (the Murloc fishing in the stream when they were riding to Goldshire anyone?) was great. While I would love to see some sequels, I agree with an earlier post that recommended "Warcraft" get the "Game of Thrones" treatment. HBO or Netflix would be able to provide a decent budget (I believe) to do the expansive story justice while still providing a series that everyone, and not just WoW fans, could enjoy.

Avatar image for rokkesh

There is no question that Blizzard should make a sequel and continue to make the movies and/or a series for their loyal fans who have stuck by them since the very beginning. This is not just a franchise film it is a legacy to a game that has broken down walls and withstood the test of time and will continue to do so as long as the creators stay loyal to their immense fan base. We consistently look forward to the new cinematics which are mini movies in their own right. Having full version movies that can be watched again and again is just icing on the cake.

The movies are NOT made for the critics. They are made for the players, the fans. We will always clamor for more and I feel it is Blizzard's responsibility to deliver on this front.


Avatar image for lupusdeu

If legendary decides to not make a sequel,then i would think they lack of vision and they need some changes in the upper ranks...

I mean look at the movie industry today,using old comic books to bring them to the screen was a solid shot and it worked because they needed fictional stories and by the way most of em sucks...and in my opinion it has expired in the eye of the audience.

Studios should stop being copycats of each other and focus other smarter options,like a huge gaming frenchaise warcraft and its lore.

its huge and endless what else do you need?imagination?cmon legendy...

If you guys wont make a move soon

Netflix might I heard they are pretty smart ;) Game of thrones is about to end...HBO is also there...I mean maybe TV series will last 20 season atleast why not!

Avatar image for JaiGuru

Screw all that noise. Warcraft is too large for the cinema. To loseall of those threads is to lose what makes warcraft, warcraft. No more movies. Sell it to HBO. Make it like game of thrones. Add titties.

Avatar image for georgiagirl777

@JaiGuru: I'd watch it and record it

Avatar image for kyleigh123

At one point I was an avid world of warcraftt player and enjoyed the game. But as I got older became unable to play as often ,as the game requires a lot of time . But as for the movie I thought was amazing and took me back to my days of running countless hours of pvp and completeing quest after quest working my through the story line.Really looking forward to the sequel ....

Avatar image for albodibran


I think there is no reason why not to move ahead with a sequel. Pacific Rim had a higher budget than Warcraft, and also pulled in far less by the end of its run. And fast forward to today and a Pacific Rim Sequel is already being released.

The CEOs at Legendary have to be utterly retarded to ignore sequel potential over box office take, when they greenlit the sequel to a film that performed less than Warcraft. With its world and potential and taking feedback, theres no reason a sequel shouldnt be made.

Do the right think Legendary!

Avatar image for ritafair

I have played Warcraft pretty much since it started though I have tapered off. It consumes too much time. I loved the movie. I thought the effects were wonderful, the characters interesting and the action riveting. I loved seeing the gryphon mounts and the Frostsabers. I don't know why the movie didn't gross as highly as expected. I bought the DVD and watched it tonight. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would be delighted if sequels were forthcoming.

Avatar image for cjbevil

I loved this movie as well! I'm not a gamer and perhaps that enhanced my enjoyment of the movie as I had no expectations. I thought the cast, characters and effects were absolutely fantastic and left me wanting more. I feel the effects were seamless and the best I have seen.

For demographic purposes, if anyone cares, I am female, in my 50's and prefer to watch sci-fi/fantasy movies above all others.

Avatar image for texican93

I am not a gamer but I absolutely loved the plot and action of the movie and would LOVE to see a sequel VERY soon!!!

Avatar image for newhope1

Yes i really would love to see another sequel!!

Avatar image for burkl44

I'd LOVE to see a sequel and loved the first film. I think you really need to bring in all the races rather than focus on orcs. They're boring (no offense to orc players lol). I'd also recommend catering to Warcraft players...not the masses. Critics will never be kind to fantasy, sci-fi or gaming movies so why bother. Lich King? Definitely up for that. Please make a sequel!!!

Avatar image for warerwesre

I am 110% ready to see a Lich King or Go'el movie.

Avatar image for jayoungr

C'mon, Legendary, just take a chance. This is a world that's absolutely bursting with stories, and if the franchise can get a toehold with a solid second movie, you've got enough material to keep you going for years. I loved the first movie and I do a search every couple of months to see if there's any news on a sequel.

Oh--and please give the sequel enough time to tell its story. I really think more critics would have liked the first movie if it had been allowed to keep the extra scenes that helped flesh out the characters (especially on the human side) and the world.

Avatar image for DunMac

I'd love to see a sequel! Gul'dan has got to go!!! lol.

Avatar image for take5800

I enjoyed the game a lot, and even know am watching the movie, again!

Please make the sequels!

It would be great!

Avatar image for followfellowman

Make the sequel already!

Avatar image for detectiverc

I'm not much of a warcraft video game fan due to how much time the games suck up, but I love the story and the world. Just watched this on cinemax or whatever and L.O.V.E. it! I would not hesitate to watch a sequel in theaters.

Avatar image for durkmans

I really enjoyed the movie. The overabundant use of CGI is actually useful in creating the atmosphere, resembling the game. I truly hope there will be a sequel. Costs may be lower since a lot of assets from the first movie can be reused so there may be more profit in it.

Avatar image for munchy22

watched Warcraft at the cinema and didn't like it but strangely after watching it a coup[le more times on blue ray I've become rather fond of the movie. My issue was the casting, I didn't like the 2 lead men in it, I felt they were bad casting choices but on the third watch I now disagree with myself and thing it was a dam fine movie. Only thing id do next time is make either more sets real or do the blue screen a lot better.

IU hope we get a sequaL with the same directer

Avatar image for thingta42

Movie deserves a sequel. Especially if the Director is aware of the flaws of the first and wants to correct them.

Avatar image for JaiGuru

@thingta42: Allowing someone the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and build on their success is not something either hollywood, or the modern videogame industry understands anymore

Avatar image for SexyMiralda

Didn't played any of the warcraft games but enjoyed the movie. Looking forward for the sequel.

Avatar image for Kal23

I agree in trying to cover too much during the first Warcraft movie, nevertheless it was fantastic to watch it, so exciting as a Warcraft fan since the first Warcraft game, so much fan service, it felt like they were doing a great job, maybe they should have focused on on main storyline and try to leave the rest for following movies.

Anyway, I hope we can see the day another Warcraft movie comes out again.

Avatar image for mudcrabsafari

Warcraft was unabashedly a fantasy movie without apologising much for it. While it was inspired by Tolkien like pretty much this entire sub genre of high fantasy (because you have to be high to enjoy it), let's not forget that it was created in 1994 where these kind of titles were hot (Elder Scrolls Arena also came out that year). Its original storyline, tone and the way it's told had much more in common with stuff like Conan and Princess Xena than with Tolkien's LOTR. The first Warcraft game was certainly dark and moody in a way, but it was also high on cheese. Duncan Jones tried to get rid of the cheese entirely, but some stuff just slipped through, like Garona which is pretty much the perfect representation of 90s fantasy nerd culture. We barely know who the orcs are, and they're already shoving a half orc half whatever the **** hybrid down our throats.

How should I put it? It's very accurate to what Blizzard (the company) was back in the days. They were a bunch of geeks and nerds who played Street Fighter during lunch hour, and worked arduously hard on their passion projects.

So yes, other than the superficial orc vs human conflict, you're doing a disservice to both franchises by calling Warcraft a LOTR ripoff. Warcraft is brutish, loud, cheesy, gory and LOTR is the very opposite of all of that.

Case in point, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUrgQ4i_cjc

Avatar image for JaiGuru

@mudcrabsafari: Yes well I'm tired of hearing "everything is Tolkein". Tolkein wasn't half as great as the panderers make him out to be. Being a linguist DID lend his characters an unusal degree of believability, which is great since the guy couldn't characterize to save his life. But even beyond that, virtually EVERYTHING in Tolkein is just a rip off of Norse and Teutonic pagan mythology, repackaged in a more consice and digestible way.


Live with it.

Avatar image for clarencetunstall

@mudcrabsafari: not to create too much a fuss, but building a case on vague references comparing movie franchises was a waste of words and my time. I got a little dumber because I'm responding, but that's my fault. Comments like Blizzard being Street Fighter lunchtime playing geeks is ridiculous. One expound on such a generalization about anyone or anything to make themselves seem profound on any subject.

Any fantasy story line can be compared to the LOTR franchise simply because it's the same genre and LOTR is the current standard bearer. Why make any more of it than necessary. Obviously Tolkien's a master fantasy writer whose work we all enjoy. It doesn't require your over analytical assistance to validate its place, so why put down Warcraft for such a vain reason, actual critiques exists?

I never played the game, but love sci-fi fantasy and can't get enough of it and there's precious little of it by writers who can immerse you into their world as did the greats such as Tolkien, Donaldson, & the God father himself Asimov. I'm also a huge fan of David Durham and his Accacia trilogy but have not found anything to come since. I enjoyed the movie except the ending when lead characters were killed off one by one so unceremoniously. I was like wtf, the bad guy's going to win? To me, it wasn't the story-lines introduced during the movie (as I didn't see it as too much to track), but what was left open by the death of these main characters... now you have to develop a whole new set for a sequel. King Llane, Durotan, his wife, Medivh (although he really foreshadowed that a millions times... I mean how many times you going to tell Khadgar was not the guardian, "not yet"... ok, we got it, somehow the torch will get passed... THAT was shoved down our throats). Then to end the movie with a Moses type scene of the baby in the Nile to be found by chance for someone to raise it creates another story-line that has to be developed from the beginning when you're trying to reduce the others.

IMHO, deviation from any Warcraft story-line in the game is the best option and hiring the services of a master fantasy writer to pick this up and move into a new story-line from within the WOW, is the best option going forward. The game creates limitless story possibilities why shackle yourself to the one that's in the game and simply use the world to write an intriguing new story?

Resolve the issue between Anduin and Garona quickly to eliminate that bull from haunting us the entire moving and taking away that soap opera drama... let us enjoy the story at hand. End any issue with the baby Moses by settling him into a family and letting him be... that's for another time... then settle quickly into the fight between the Orcs and Humans so we can focus on the plot to rid the world of the evil magics that makes Gul'dan so powerful... you can even bring the child back into the story towards the end to see Gul'dan's comeuppance

I think they've got something and somewhat of a cult following brewing. You can use that and create a more cost effect sequel... plus, why waste the software used to create the first set of characters. Enhance it, and let's do this again... uh, this time with better marketing because I vaguely remember this film coming to market. But then again, cost and profits, not our entertainment is the driving force behind any movie, so what can we expect from a corporation with limited foresight. I mean, how do you waste the lessons learned and the technology to just end this so quickly... but since they ended the lives of the main characters... how could we expect anything different from the movie itself.

Avatar image for lokeshusse

I want 10 movies so i get to see Thralls origins story. :)

Avatar image for amaneuvering

I definitely think it should happen. The first movie wasn't terrible, although it did fall a bit short, but there's still huge potential there.

Avatar image for RoccoHout

So even if a movie might lose money, it still has a chance for a sequel? Why would they think a 2nd movie would perform so much better?

Avatar image for corwinsr

@RoccoHout: because it "technically" lost a little money. The studio is extremely happy that it made over 430 million which is about 360 million more than the next best videogame movie. That is a huge achievement.

Audiences gave it 72% approval so who gives a damn what professional reviewers thought. They don't buy all the tickets that make a movie money. Besides, with the positive word of mouth it's gotten from audiences the bluray rental/purchase sales have more than made up the small BO losses.

Avatar image for Strategizer

@RoccoHout: Well it depends It still made a decent amount of money and made well over the budget for making the movie. If it does lose money it will only be because of marketing. Also He just pointed out one of the main flaws was focus. I have the movie and I like it but it did try to do too much in such a short time. So to me they cut back on going crazy with the plot and lower the cost to make the movie a bit even if its just in the marketing part and provided the film shows it listened to feedback for the first film it can make money. There were some good things about the first film. The acting was fine and the production values were, it just tried to juggle to much at once and that affected the characters and plot. Potential was still there though.

Avatar image for asertyuio

Assassin's Creed isn't done world-wide yet, for instance, it just premiered in my country today. I hasn't premiered in China and Japan and many other European and Asian countries.

Avatar image for Strategizer

@asertyuio: Well hopefully it makes its money oversees. Still we need a video game big budget movie to be at least modest here in the states. Otherwise these movies may end up going exclusively overseas. (maybe I'm exaggerating but still) I can't say much for it since I have seen it yet though but to me they released it at the wrong time and I don't like some of the cons I've been hearing. Still I will judge it for myself when I can rent it.

Avatar image for asertyuio

@Strategizer: Same, I think they released it at a terrible time, what were they thinking premiering a week after Star Wars. But I hope if they do get a greenlight for a sequel, the director would be able to focus more on the story instead of lore building as he said. This goes for both Warcraft AND Assassin's Creed. I liked both, I see their potential, it would be a real waste...

Avatar image for Strategizer

@asertyuio: Agreed, my dad actually bought me warcraft thinking I would like it even with the critics bashing it (while I see it's flaws I still enjoyed it.) I see the potential for the sequel with a bit more focus and cutting down the amount of characters and subplots in two hours. What they need with assassins creed, warcraft, or whatever future big budget movie release (sorry i don't count the RE live action movies) is a core focus on the main characters and story. You make a great point I can say for AC but for Warcraft they seemed more focused on just introducing the world then the characters where it should have been reversed. At least that's what I think.

Avatar image for zikari82

The movie was good but not great. Surprisingly the human characters felt out of place (horrible performance by Travis Fimmel) and had the boring storylines all the Orc stuff was fantastic. I think it would have been better fully animated and therefore more consistent. I hope there will be a sequel, that fixes the issues the first movie had. I will look forward to it.

Avatar image for regix416_basic

I'd love to see a sequel to Warcraft.

Avatar image for BLiTZ_156

Should continue it as a TV series in my opinion. That way the stories of the characters can be told much better, in depth, and not feel as rushed.

Avatar image for jyml8582

movie's bad, cg's amazing.

Avatar image for olddadgamer

Every time I see that thumbnail for this article I think of Jabba the Hutt's guards.

Avatar image for Barighm

Oh, for that amount of money, there will be a sequel...in China. Will likely be fully animated though.

Stories with lore like this can't work with movies. It needs to be a series like Game of Thrones or that shockingly long (62 episodes for 1 season!) Chinese special effects fest Ice Fantasy.

Avatar image for iandizion713

@Barighm: Thats a good ideal for after the trilogy, to do a World of Warcraft TV Show.

Avatar image for ariyan-hm

dont know why there is so much hate for this movie . i liked it ... not just as a game movie . but i believe it was a good movie on its own .

just maybe it was made for the fans that knew warcraft universe well enough and not for average audience

Avatar image for edinko

@ariyan-hm: I like warcraft and it was cringeworthy.Everything looked so fake and somehow embarassing.

Avatar image for dularr

@ariyan-hm: After the horrible, horrible early review, it seemed really hip to hate on the film.

Avatar image for iandizion713

Cant wait, would be awesome to get a second one.

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