Warcraft Movie Projected to Make $25 Million, Place Third or Fourth in US Opening Weekend

Warcraft's box office numbers aren't looking as good as it needs it to be with its $160 million budget.


With Warcraft's $160 million budget, it seems like it needs a strong box office showing. Variety reports that it's projected to make a modest $25 million, placing it at third or fourth for its US upcoming weekend.

The Duncan Jones-helmed film is set to place behind The Conjuring 2 and Now You See Me 2, which both open the same weekend. It's possible that Warcraft will also get beat out by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows' second weekend as well.

Warcraft hasn't hit it off with the critics. It currently sits at 34 on GameSpot sister site Metacritic, and you can check out what some of the critics are saying in our review roundup. Variety called it a "pricey and preposterous adaptation" of World of Warcraft.

If the estimates are correct, then Jones' idea for a Warcraft movie trilogy could become less likely to happen.

"I don't think anyone is going to be disappointed after this," Jones said. "And if it goes well, I am pretty convinced that [Blizzard story and franchise director Chris Metzen] and I have a very good idea of what story we can tell in three films, given the opportunity."

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You can check out a featurette on one of the movie's main characters, Lothar, here. Another one was produced for the half-orc assassin, Garona, while a third shows how the movie's orcs were brought to life through the use of CGI.

Legendary Entertainment also released videos that focused on specific characters. You can check them out through the links below:

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