Warcraft Movie Opens at No. 2, As Director Tells Haters to "Chill Out"

The video game movie is not expected to be a huge hit in the US, but could make $250 million in China.


World of Warcraft

Following its international release, the Warcraft movie opened in the US last night. The box office numbers are now in, and the video game movie landed in the No. 2 spot for Friday evening. In pulled in $10.7 million that day, a figure that includes $3.1 million in previews.

These numbers were posted on Deadline. According to the site, the film is expected to bank $25.7 million this weekend, making it the No. 2 new release, behind The Conjuring 2 and ahead of Now You See Me 2.

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Deadline said Warcraft's opening weekend projections, which are in line with estimates, are "awful" for a film that had a budget of $160 million. However, the film is performing better in international markets, including China, where it's made $145 million since its opening on Wednesday, June 8, pacing ahead of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The site's sources says Warcraft could make as much as $250 million in China alone. The movie opened last in the US because "too often if a film bombs here [in the US], it can poison its tills abroad," Deadline said. According to the report, the movie needs to make $500 million worldwide to break even. Director Duncan Jones has said he has plans for a further two movies, but that may only happen if the first one comes out ahead.

As for why Warcraft isn't such a hit in the US, Deadline points out that, when Legendary acquired the Warcraft rights a decade ago, the brand was more popular. Indeed, World of Warcraft subscribers have fallen of lately; dropping to a nine-year low by Blizzard's latest count.

According to the report, Blizzard at one time wanted the Warcraft movie to come out in 2009. However, after Spider-Man director Sam Raimi dropped out, the project stalled. Be sure to read the full Deadline report for further box office analysis and more.

Jones himself also has a message to fans now that Warcraft has opened. He says on Twitter that it's OK if you don't like the film, "but please chill out. It's just a movie." Blizzard founder and CEO Mike Morhaime replied to the tweet, saying, "Couldn't have said it better!"

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