Warcraft Movie Images Released, Trailer Coming This Month

Orcing Heads.


The Warcraft movie has been in production for some time, but finally official materials are starting to be released. A trailer is promised later this month, and now some exclusive character shots have been published in the latest Empire magazine. Check them out below, via Flickeringmyth:

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The pictures reveal the characters of Anduin Lothar (Travis Fimmel), Durotan (Toby Kebbell), and Orgrim Doomhammer (Robert Kazinsky). The film is directed by Duncan Jones, and also stars Dominic Cooper, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, and Clancy Brown.

Production on Warcraft wrapped in May 2014, and its release date has now moved twice. Originally scheduled for December 18, 2015, it was initially shifted to March 2016 to avoid a clash with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In April this year it was moved again, to its current slot of next June.

In September, some concern about the big-budget fantasy blockbuster was raised by an article in The Hollywood Reporter that suggested that executives considered it a "problem movie." This was subsequently denied by Jones on Twitter, who stated: "Universal moved us to the same date as Jurassic World, so we must have done something right!"

Warcraft hits cinemas on June 10, 2016.

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Avatar image for saltkillzsnails

Fimmel is awesome on Vikings, looking forward to much of the same here

Avatar image for ronan32

more fucking orcs /sigh

Avatar image for tehzon

this will be a politically motivated movie.

Avatar image for spikepigeo

well, I'm really excited.

Avatar image for emprahtoddler

This will be the best video game movie since Doom. I'm excited for it!

Avatar image for Evil_Sidekick

@emprahtoddler: I'm sorry.....since WHAT???? I really hope you are bring sarcastic...if, i'm glad you enjoyed it but Doom was a piece of crap, it was so bad it actually failed in being a bad movie.

About Warcraft...let's wait and see, but the Orcs do look the part.

Avatar image for saltkillzsnails

@Evil_Sidekick: I enjoyed the 2-3 minutes of the first person killing on the Doom movie and thats it

Avatar image for snugglebear

Ok, but where are the naked gnomes dancing on mailboxes in towns? I thought they were going to stick to the source material!

Avatar image for spikepigeo

@snugglebear: upvote because funny.

But keep in mind, WoW is not the source material. Warcraft is. I'm sure you were just joking though.

Avatar image for snugglebear

@spikepigeo: I'm ALWAYS serious.

Avatar image for CatAtomic999

Something tells me this is going to look great, and have a stupid story.

Avatar image for GrendelSP

Well the movie graphics are much better than the game's graphics.

Avatar image for Grim_Jackal

Wow, Durotan looks great! Much better than I've seen in previously released materials.

Avatar image for Rahn1908

Lets just hope they dont portay the orcs as shobby-all-heart-hug-bears, which seems to be the case sith some of the pics shown...

Avatar image for Hurvl

The pics look good, no awkward CGI or at least the CGI present doesn't look bad. While there is a lot of lore and story in the Warcraft universe, I don't think they should put too much focus on that. Let's see the War in Warcraft and (mostly) everyone will be pleased.

Avatar image for jerms82

highly skeptical... but sweet pics nonetheless

Avatar image for klugenbeel

Video Game to movie adaptions are typically bad. Can this be the exception?

Avatar image for Salt_AU

@klugenbeel: I think it will be pretty good, Assassins Creed will be better. Maybe.

Avatar image for nickpeck36

@klugenbeel: Blizz has turned down a ton of movie opportunities in the past because they didn't like what they saw from whoever was trying to pitch them. So for them to go ahead with this one.. I feel confident it will be at "least" GOOD, but hopefully better.

Obviously time will tell but I think it will be a fun movie if you are a fan of the franchise.

Avatar image for Fursnake


It has to be better than the Dungeons & Dragons movies...it just has to be.

Avatar image for Hurvl

@Fursnake: Even if it's as bad, I'll probably enjoy it. Making a movie enjoyably bad isn't as easy as it seems, though.

Avatar image for Drkoolbeanz

Could be awesome, could also suck like Resident Evil does. Let's just hope they don't pull a Mario Bros.

Avatar image for ThePlantain

Why do I feel like this movie is going to be bad and do bad?

Avatar image for deactivated-5b116b1818dbb

"Trailer coming this month..." You mean coming on Blizzcon :)

Avatar image for deactivated-58ce94803a170

Cant wait to watch, for the horde!

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too slow gamespot. mmo champion allready post it days ago. Now today they have trailer screenshots

Avatar image for hordicus

@boogie25: even some obscure blizzard games fan site show them saturday morning^^.

judgehype.com better than GS?^^

Avatar image for BelaidKL

Duncan Jones is a fantastic director with a true passion for this project and game.. I have high hopes for this, it's only a matter of time before video-game movie adaptations succeed the way comic-books have and this (as well as Assassin's Creed) might be it?

Avatar image for billzihang

This film looks like its going to be so painfully bad

Avatar image for ben123222

@billzihang what from the high quality CGI? or the fantastic Warcraft storyline? or the great director and cast?

Or are you just being a hater?

Avatar image for Fursnake


Dungeons & Dragons had a lot of potential as a franchise for movies and we all see how that turned out. So don't count your chickens before they hatch.

That being aid, I do like Moon and Source Code, but those are a bit different than a big fantasy movie based on a video game franchise, so we'll see how Jones can handle it and if the writing for the movie is any good.

Avatar image for billzihang

@ben123222: It's almost likes an opinion isn't it chimp.

'Hater' because I think the utter opposite of everything you just said. WoW's story is an absolute joke; the CGI is good for a game, but this is a live action film, hello? (since when does CGI make a good film anyway?); great cast and director? Don't make me laugh.

You sound like the type who thinks Transformers was a good film.

Correction: I will say that 'Moon' was a good film, but you know, with a terrible concept the results are inevitable. Hence why Prometheus and Avatar were both fucking awful.

Avatar image for normanislost

@billzihang: "'Hater' because I think the utter opposite"


"WoW's story is an absolute joke"

but following it up with things like this does, especially since it's not "WoW" it's "Warcraft"

Avatar image for billzihang

@normanislost: That's not hating chumpalade. I think it is a feeble story, that doesn't mean I HATE it. To say HATER obviously implies I'm on some kind of quest to attack it. No, I have a negative opinion of it, I don't go out my way to hate it as some mission.

Warcraft then - you know what I mean so stop trying to win brownie points with that. This film is OBVIOUSLY a direct result of the extreme success of WoW. You really don't think this entire project is fan service to the slavish WoW fans? Those ones who continue to defend and love the game when Blizzard release ZERO content, cut content from expansions like no tomorrow, charge ludicrous sums for expansions, AND demand a subscription fee (or you can play it like a second job to buy tokens).

I have known Warcraft since the first game, and first started playing in 1995-- so I'm in a far better position to judge its merits than 99% of wow snot-nosed casuals.

Avatar image for nickpeck36

@billzihang: WoW's story is a joke? How much, if any of it do you actually know? Did you ever get into all of the additional lore that you had to pick up by reading books / articles and other stories put out by blizz? The lore is so thick and deep it's crazy.

As for Prometheus, were you one of the people expecting a full on Aliens movie? $10 says you were. I loved that movie simply for the fact that it was an origins type movie, a movie that kind of explains that universe and how it came to be. I was happy there was no aliens (minus the one at the end) and that the movie was more about the how and why it all exists in the first place.

Sure, it might not have been what most people were hoping for but it wasn't awful by any means (imo of course).

Avatar image for billzihang

@nickpeck36: You just won't give up will you you utter zealot. I think Warcraft's story is a comical joke, aimed to appeal to those with immature taste, in my opinion.

By the way, I was playing Warcraft in about 1995, with the first game and Warcraft 2-- at which point the story was serviceable, what with me being rather young and immature at the time. I have grown up since.

I think Tolkien's lore is pretty decent - but not an astonishing achievement of perfection - on the overall face of it, it is good with with some notable cracks. Where does that leave the purile utter rip-off Tolkien that is WoW-- Shakespeare by your standards it seems. Says much about your standards. Lore is deep, give me a break. Do you think Beyonce is an amazing musician?

The only good Alien films are the original, with the 3rd film being half decent, and the second one being an entertaining action romp (much like Predator).

Avatar image for nickpeck36

@billzihang: Where did I say it was Shakespeare you dipS? I just said there is a lot of it (and more than you seem to know), never said I read all of it (honestly, I don't care to read much.. but yes, I can read before you make that stupid comment). Lol at Beyoncé, I hate all country, rap & R&b, it's all complete gutter trash imo.

Also, I won't give up? That was the first and only comment I had in that subject line... Looking at the wrong name perhaps you zealot?

Avatar image for billzihang

@nickpeck36: It's called adding colour to language, my saying 'Shakespeare' means you are making it more impressive than it is. Obviously.

"The lore is so thick and deep it's crazy." THIS is what you said. Clearly you rate it very highly indeed.

OK, in fairness I will retract that statement of you not giving up, because what I should do with that is re-say it to apply to this small band of you 2 or 3; who seem unable to accept that I find Warcraft to be rather artistically childish. WoW especially because it became far, far worse since the popularity of that game.

That doesn't make me a zealot because I happen to make the honest mistake that your reply does fit very snugly as a continuation of the thread between 2 persons. By which I feel vindicated indeed, as you are essentially all the same person here anyway.

All I need to do is add 's' to the end of zealout and my statement would be entirely corrected.

Avatar image for nickpeck36

@billzihang: Wait, are you someone that overthinks everything? It seems like it. I don't rate it highly, I JUST KNOW IT F'ING EXSISTS. I know people that have read it and talked about it to me over the years. I said previously I didn't sit and read all of it lol... wow man...

I don't really care if you like anything Warcraft related or not, I won't lose any sleep over it at all so don't you worry. But I do like how you word things like "it's F'ing trash" in a way that everyone has to think the same way you do no matter what you are talking about. Now I'll lump you in with the morons that feel the need to comment on something you obviously don't care for and rip it apart every time it's brought up. Why? Why even bother?

They way you are going on fits you into the same "I'm only here to stir the pot and hate on something" group that infests and ruins every "community" on sites like this. But hey, if that's what floats your boat, enjoy (I just hope said boat catches fire mid sea and takes the whole lot out once and for all).

I'm sure there are plenty of things you like that I detest, but I won't go around in those articles and rip them apart because I have nothing better to do... But hey, whatever, enjoy your day.