Warcraft Movie Director Responds to Leak

"I just wish we could show the real thing. :)"


World of Warcraft

Duncan Jones, the director of the upcoming Warcraft movie from Legendary and Blizzard Entertainment, has responded to this week's leak of what appeared to be a trailer for the fantasy movie. The video, even in its grainy and shaky form, was quite impressive, leading some fans to ask why Legendary just doesn't release the official version right now instead of in November.

Jones responded on Twitter, "I just wish we could show the real thing. :)" In another tweet, Jones joked, "You don't like it at low res and covered in user ids?!"

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The leaked Warcraft movie footage can be seen here.

After a pair of delays, Warcraft opens in theaters in June 2016. The movie combines live-action and special effects done by acclaimed Star Wars studio Industrial Light & Magic. Overall, Jones previously described Warcraft as "Avatar and Lord of the Rings at the same time." For more, check out the film's cast here.

Warcraft is not the only video game movie in development right now. There are more than 18 films currently in production, including one based on Assassin's Creed starring Michael Fassbender.

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