Warcraft Movie Delayed By Three Months

Blizzard's fantasy film to be released in theatres June 2016.


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The upcoming Warcraft movie from Blizzard Entertainment and Legendary Pictures has had its theatrical release date pushed back three months later than its previous release date of March 11, 2016. The new release date of June 10, 2016 was announced by the Legendary Pictures official Twitter account.

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Shooting for the Warcraft film wrapped up in May last year, taking 123 days for principal photography to finish. Post-production work will be handled by Industrial Light & Magic, who has garnered awards for its work on the Star Wars films. The studio will be creating the Orcs for the film, who will be portrayed by real actors.

The Warcraft movie was originally slated for release in December 18, 2015, but Blizzard decided to delay the film's release after Disney announced that Star Wars: Episode VII would also be released on the same date. Last year Blizzard revealed some of the characters who will be appearing in the film, as well as the actors who will be portraying them.

During a special presentation at Blizzcon, Warcraft director Duncan Jones said the movie will feature a lot of special effects he described as "Avatar and Lord of the Rings at the same time." Jones has said that he hopes the film will be released in 2D and 3D.

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This only screams confidence. The fact that they are pushing it onto a month with tougher competition means that Universal Pictures views this film as a beast that can go toe-to-toe with anything coming out in June. This is a purely strategic move on their part, and a good sign for us movie-goers / Warcraft fans.

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wow the movie we wanted ... 15 years ago

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I have faith Duncan Jones and his team have done a good job, its just a shame we gotta wait because of Superman Vs Batman.

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Playing HOTS right now as my favorite WC3 characters... Man I just miss the Warcraft 3/The Frozen Throne days. The universe and lore was so great I really hope they manage to have the same magic in the movies.

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A film about Warcraft seems like such a great idea, but when you really think about the process of film making and the fact it needs to appeal to everyone, I can't see it being good. Warcraft is such a huge universe I think it would be difficult for them to fit anything half decent into approx: 2 and a half hours.

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@jackzor123: The story that they are going with (Orcs vs. Humans) is fairly straightforward and can be, to some extent, relatable on a contemporary basis. Two worlds clash, each with their own story of heroism and tragedy to tell. We've seen it plenty of times before, and those movies usually perform well with audiences. I think that'll be the case with this film too.

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@jackzor123: Well, I agree with you. But I still have faith, let's hope for the best =D

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It's already coming out 10 years too late

Avatar image for Zorlac

@northArrow: There's still 10 million WoW players. 10 years too late for what?

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This was my dream when i was younger. However, i grew up but unfornutately, Blizzard hasn't.

My dream would be a mature movie like Braveheart or Gladiator in the Warcraft universe. However, i think this movie will more likely follow the new trend from Blizzard and Hollywood: Shallow and childish, with a lot of special effects and obvious CGI.

PS: I think Witcher tone spoiled me.

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@julianboxe: You claim to have grown up but you obviously haven't learned to think. Blizzard's core (WoW) userbase is the 13 - 20ish year old crowd. Making a prohibitively violent film like Braveheart or Gladiator will accomplish nothing, but diminish their potential audience.

Also, how is a lot of special effects and "obvious" (I'm assuming you're an industry vet. CGI artist) CGI a new trend in Hollywood? It's been a trend for the last decade and a half.

The Witcher didn't spoil you: you just need to use the space in between your eyes.

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@Mausingen@julianboxe: Wow man don't get so mad! I know there is less audience for a violent and mature movie like the ones i mentioned, but i don't think Blizzard could make one even if they wanted too. As I said, they went on a more "childish" path in their games, even when there is audience for darker, more mature games (as we can see the sales on Witcher 2, DarkSouls ,etc...).

Thats just what i "wished", not what im really expecting now.

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@Mausingen@julianboxe: Except Warcraft has never been solely about ''WoW''. Warcraft 3 was a intelligent game that required lots of devotion,strategy and skill to get good at (something most 13-20yrs old dont have the patience for nowadays). The game and is IMO still the greatest RTS game to have ever existed. Vanilla and BC WoW was also brillaint and didnt catter to casuals like it does now.

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@gameroutlawzz@Mausingen@julianboxe: Well said gameroutlawzz :)

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@Mausingen@julianboxe: You are so far off. I've been in quite a few guilds in my time on WoW, and none of them were the 13-20 year old age range. Most everyone in my guilds was 30+ with some being 40/50.

Warcraft appeals to and is played by all ages.

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@julianboxe: If its like the Mortal Kombat movies i'm gonna be mad. But I don't think it will be, alot of the actors are pretty good, as long as the story is there. I didn't even like the MK movies when I was a kid, when I was really into Mortal Kombat. Terrible movies.

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@tshipe@julianboxe: Better movies than the over-exagerated,pointless Fatalities from MKX which most of em just feel out of place and not fitting at all to the characters personalities. MKX is great, the violence in it is just not fun or needed. Brutalities are fine but some of the fatalities are just plain bad.

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I played WOW for about 8 years and am a fan of the lore. I hope the movie sticks with the good root stories. I'm pretty excited for this; the movie itself could go both ways i think, be really awful or really good. I hope good.

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I'm still pretty sure this will get cancelled and never come out. Absolute vaporware, like so many "game movies" out there that are "in the works".

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@Ripper_TV: Cant't cancel something that is completed.

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This film is going to be so, so awful.

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@billzihang: I love it how u can see so clearly into future. Keep it up and i hope u predict some important space travels so that scientists know if there will be accidents and then can fix them before they happen :)

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Aw we'll have to wait to see live actors wearing armor that's too big and ornate to be practical.

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there will be a movie ?

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This could in some part be a sign that Legendary Pictures have some faith in the film, because the February to March months are considered the dumping ground, after the mad rush from late in the year through January for the Oscar films. But then again it could be that ILM are swamped at the moment, having just finished up Avengers, on top of having Star Wars, Ant Man, Warcraft and god knows what else going through their render farm.

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I think they moved it to get away from Batman vs Superman

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It's more like they didn't want compete with Batman vs Superman

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@marcbjr2: Good point, I didn't know that was coming out then. Legendary until last year used to co-finance there films with Warner Bros.. They produced Man of Steel for Warner, so I wonder if they have an interest in Batman vs Superman doing well.

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*yawn* warcraft's life has been sucked out already anyways...

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Oh well, another 3 months of me not giving a shit...

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I wonder if the armours will be CGI lol.

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So now it gets to compete with summer blockbusters? That makes sense I guess...As long as it is on par with them.

Avatar image for CatAtomic999

Now you can enjoy the great writing of Warcraft (lol) without all that gameplay crap getting in the way.

This is like having a director's cut of a porno, that only features the dialogue scenes.

Avatar image for Tirnoth

@CatAtomic999: Speaking of porn, I wonder if they will include pornshire.

Avatar image for BrokenChaos666

At this point I don't even care about the movie anymore.

Avatar image for PeterDuck

I don't like minecraft.

Avatar image for vadagar1

@PeterDuck: LOL

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It's so weird. Public movie delays aren't a common thing... (at least I don't think so)... and it had to be a video game movie to be the one that got delayed. This generation as been rife with game delays, so not only did it have to be a video game movie, it had to be a video game movie within these last two years.

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I am absolutely devastated that they would delay this masterpiece that will for sure be a lot better than Bore of the Rings and Star Bored. I shall go and become a monk with a shaved bald head to wallow in my despair!

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@tarp_master: lol tr0ll

Avatar image for Mike_24_7

so what? get ready for that NEW! Call of Duty everyone!

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Blizzard is trying to come up with a way to add some DLC to this thing. Takes time I guess.

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@datriax: Ya know there's a lot I would fault Blizzard for, but milking DLC isn't one of them. That's an EA thing. At least when Blizzard releases new content for their games it's in the form of a pretty meaty expansion pack which you can buy as a physical copy if you want to.

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@Derpalon@datriax: I dunno. Virtual item shop for WoW is bursting at the seams with ridiculously priced items. $25 for a virtual mount? $10 for a virtual minion? Blizzard was one of the worst offenders really when they introduced that stuff years ago.

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@datriax: Physical DLC maybe. A toy that you bring inside the theatre that tracks how many times you've watched the movie.

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The delay effect is even affecting video games in movies.