Warcraft III Drops Out of Race

It's official: Warcraft III will only have five playable races instead of the six races that were previously announced.


We spoke with Blizzard producer Rob Pardo today and got a close-up look at Warcraft III in motion. You can read more about what we saw by consulting our first-hand impressions of the game.

We made sure to specifically ask about what we had previously heard - that Warcraft III would in fact only have five playable races, not six. Pardo confirmed this information at our appointment. As you may have already learned from GameSpot's Warcraft III compendium, Blizzard had previously announced that there would be six playable factions in the game: the Alliance (humans, dwarves, elves), the Orc Hordes (orcs, trolls, taurens), the Burning Legion (demons), the Scourge (undead), and two unannounced playable factions. We confirmed today that one of the two unannounced sides will not appear in the game and that the game will only have five playable sides.

For more information, in-game screenshots, new concept art, and first-hand impressions from the show floor, don't miss our hands-on impressions of the game.

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