Warcraft Director Wants To Make A Full Throttle Movie, Publishes 94-Page Script Online

Duncan Jones opens up about his love for the 1995 LucasArts game.


Duncan Jones, who directed 2016's Warcraft, has revealed which video game franchise he'd like to turn into a film next. Posting on Twitter, the son of David Bowie said he would like to take a stab at the classic LucasArts game Full Throttle for a Disney+ movie, and he called on his fans to let Disney know.

In another tweet, Jones said he isn't concerned about financing. Instead, a roadblock for making a Full Throttle film comes down to rights issues.

Jones said he "loved" 1995's Full Throttle, which was designed by Tim Schafer, who retweeted Jones tweet. "It blew my mind," Jones said. The writer-director enjoyed the game so much that he even wrote a 94-page script for a Full Throttle movie and posted it online. You can read the full "fan script" right here on DropBox.

Even if Jones' aspirations to make a Full Throttle movie never come to fruition, he said he "had a riot" writing the script, as it gave him a chance to "do a bit of action comedy."

The responses to Jones' tweets about a Full Throttle movie are being received positively on Twitter, and even actor Elijah Wood commented on the proposal. "This is one my my favorite games as well! All timer," Wood said, adding that he's excited to read Jones' script.

A remastered version of Full Throttle was released in 2017.

Warcraft made more than $439 million globally at the box office, but it sputtered in the US where it made only $47 million. Still, it ranks as one of the most commercially successful video game films of all time. Jones had plans for a trilogy, but it never materialized, due in part to its poor performance in the US.

Before Warcraft, Jones directed Moon and Source Code. His first big movie after Warcraft was the Paul Rudd sci-fi project Mute for Netflix, and he's now attached to direct a Rogue Trooper film.

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