Warcraft Director Taking Classic Comic Book Character For Next Movie

The road to Rogue.


Warcraft and Moon director Duncan Jones spent much of last week teasing Twitter followers about his next film project, which he stated would be "a comic book movie." Naturally there was much speculation from fans about what this might be, and now we have the answer. It seems that Jones's next film won't be a superhero movie, but will instead be an adaptation of the classic 2000 AD character Rogue Trooper.

Jones tweeted a short video of himself sitting at a laptop, filmed from behind. As the camera moves in, we hear his voiceover. First of all he weighs up the choice between making a big studio movie and a smaller independent flick, before speculating that he might like to tackle a comic book adaptation. He mentions Marvel, DC, and Image, and then suggests might he go "back to my homeland" for 2000 AD, the long-running British sci-fi comic. Jones mentions a few classic 2000 AD characters, such as Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog, before taking off his hat to reveal Rogue Trooper's distinctive blue mohawk. Check it out below:

No further details about the Rogue Trooper movie have been revealed as yet, but the final line on the Twitter teaser suggests that more information will follow very soon--possibly at San Diego Comic-Con, which takes place next weekend. If the movie happens it will be Jones's fifth film; most recently he directed the sci-fi thriller Mute for Netflix.

Rogue Trooper was created by writer Gerry Finley-Day and artist Dave Gibbons, and he first appeared issue 228 of 2000 AD, in 1981. The character is a genetically created super-soldier, who carries the downloaded personalities of his three dead comrades with him in the form of talking biochips. The comic book storyline followed their quest to find the evil Traitor General, who killed his comrades. Rogue Trooper has been one of 2000 AD's most popular characters, and he still appears in the comic today.

Last year it was announced that a new TV show based on the Judge Dredd stories was in development. The show has a working title of Judge Dredd: Mega City One, and Karl Urban, who played Dredd in the 2012 movie, has expressed an interest in reprising the role. However, there has been no further news since last year.

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