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Warcraft Beer Is Available Now in China

Chinese brewery Tsingtao has released special edition cans that feature Warcraft characters from the movie.


Warcraft is very popular in China, and the fantasy video game's movie has been raking it in at the Chinese box office--it beat Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which helped it become the highest grossing video game movie ever. Now, Chinese brewery Tsingtao has released special edition cans based on the Warcraft movie.

Collectors Society user Revat took a picture of the cans while on a trip to China. They come in a decorative box that features a picture of Durotan on the front. The box's art features two cans, though it's not clear how many come in a box--it's definitely large enough to hold more than two. You can see for yourself below.

Image Courtesy: Revat on Collectors Society
Image Courtesy: Revat on Collectors Society

Chinese blog The Beijinger reports that the cans are filled with Tsingtao's 1903 classic lager. It even shared a picture that features Lothar on a can, in addition to another one with Durotan.

Tsingtao is available in North America, though it would be surprising if these cans made their way over in an official capacity. Warcraft isn't quite as popular here. It opened at number two and received some hate from fans. Director Duncan Jones told haters to "chill out," as it's "just a movie." Blizzard Entertainment CEO Mike Morhaime agreed.

Warcraft didn't receive glowing reviews, either. It sits at a cumulative score of 32 on GameSpot sister site Metacritic, and you can take a wide look at the critical reception with our review roundup here.

GameSpot critic Zorine Te reviewed the film and said, "Warcraft is crafted for the enjoyment of its video game fans. The Warcraft universe serves as more than just tacked-on references in this fantasy film, it is the heart of its story, characters, and cinematic style. It is unfortunate that despite its faithful recreation of the game, several solid weaknesses prevent it from being a well-rounded film. Still, there are plenty of moments for Warcraft fans to geek out over."

Warcraft isn't the first video game franchise to appear on beer. Fallout 4 inspired a pilsner lager that has a "hoppy taste and floral aroma" last year, while Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 got itself a Black Hops Midnight Pale Ale. Last year's Mortal Kombat X got itself a series of beers, including an IPA, a stout, and a saison.

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