WarBirds Pacific Theater in open beta

iEntertainment Network announces an update to its massively multiplayer online combat simulation.


iEntertainment Network has announced a major update to WarBirds III called WarBirds Pacific Theater of Operations. An open beta test for the update is scheduled for February 19, with a final release slated for March 19. The update includes new terrain based on the southern islands of the Philippines. The terrain information was generated from satellite data with a resolution of 100 meters. New Japanese fighter bombers, including the B5N2 Kate, the D3A Val, and the G4M1 Betty, will appear in WarBirds Pacific Theater of Operations, along with new 3D cockpits for various German and US fighter planes. The new update also adds the ability to drive tanks like the M4A3 Sherman and the Russian T-34.

WarBirds III is a massively multiplayer online combat simulation. For more information on the WarBirds Pacific Theater of Operations beta, please see the official Web site. For more information on WarBirds III, see our previous coverage .

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