War Thunder gets Oculus Rift support

PC version of Gaijin Entertainment's World War II military flight combat MMO will support virtual reality tech.


The PC version of Gaijin Entertainment's World War II military flight combat MMO War Thunder will support the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, the developer announced today.

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"The Oculus Rift is probably the most innovative technological advancement to grace the gaming industry in many years and we are going to take advantage of it," executive producer Pavel Kulikov said in a statement.

The PC version of War Thunder is currently in open beta and has over 2 million registered players. Currently, Oculus Rift is available only to those with development kits. Public release and pricing information has not yet been announced.

"When you take off and you look down at the Cliffs of Dover, you can actually believe that they are below you while flying high in your aircraft," said senior programmer Alexandr Polyakov.

Asked if the recently announced PlayStation 4 version of War Thunder may support Oculus Rift, a Gaijin Entertainment representative told GameSpot that PC is the only compatible platform, "for now, at least."

Oculus VR recently raised $16 million in venture capital funding to "accelerate" development of the virtual reality technology.

War Thunder is also in development for iOS and Android platforms. Gamers interested in trying out the title can download the War Thunder open beta from the game's website today.

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Avatar image for LE5LO

I got to demo a friends development kit awhile back. I think most nay-sayers will come around once they get the chance to use it with something that will realize its potential...this game looks promising.

Also, people are referring to the Rift as 'the Oculus'. ie. 'the Sony' or 'the Microsoft'...it's the company name, not the product.

Avatar image for shaolinwind

@LE5LO true re: the oculus. But until Oculus comes out with something other than the Rift, it probably won't be confused as it is essentially the same thing for now. :D

Avatar image for jeremyc99999

My rift can't come soon enough. Come on August!

Avatar image for BLaverock

One day we'll all be plugged into an oculus of sorts, and quest/live/die in a virtual world... fed introvenously on the liquidated remains of the dead :s

Avatar image for shaolinwind

@BLaverock Did you know, they have found filler code in the fabric of DNA and all the rest of universal matter, similar to the filler code the internet uses to fill in the blanks when an algorithm is stuttering.

We may already be in the Matrix. An the Oculus will put us in a matrix, inside the Matrix.

Google it.

Avatar image for BLaverock

just like in the Matrix, if you didn't understand my reference :p Which I'm totally excited for!

Avatar image for Hurvl

@BLaverock If I can fly and have a girlfriend that looks like Trinity, then why not :P.

Avatar image for Nomadic7

this game's great! stumbled upon it about a week ago and haven't stopped playing it since!

Avatar image for vshingles

you bring this back more kill people more blood http://youtu.be/-_Ya4mSkDMI

Avatar image for CincoToes

How do you turn all the way around if you're sitting on a couch?

Avatar image for shaolinwind

@CincoToes Meant to be used with the controller. Also most PC's don't have a couch sitting in front of them...

PC gaming on the couch isn't really refined enough for that yet. Cable/wiring issues and what not.

Avatar image for holtrocks

@CincoToes One does not simply PC game on the couch.

Avatar image for Hurvl

@holtrocks @CincoToes Yeah, you turn around by spinning around on your swivel chair (or do so even without the Oculus Rift, simply because it's fun).

Avatar image for ChaoticLucidity

@CincoToes Well in the case of flying an aircraft, you shouldn't be able to, but when playing other games, I have seen controllers like the wii nunchuks that allow you to turn right around with the aid of the joysticks.

Go to youtube and search:

GDC 2013 Oculus Rift Tuscany Razer Hydra Demo Hands-on
Avatar image for acelogan1989


Avatar image for Leboyo56

Oh how I love you Gaijin. Making games as retro and hardcore as the Bit.Trip series to something as realistic and immersive as War Thunder with the Oculus Rift.

Avatar image for GOGOHeadray

seems awesome I will have to wait though and see how it all works out.

Avatar image for Strychnine

If the Oculus Rift is affordable, then playing War Thunder on it would be better than a double-decker bacon cheeseburger WITH avocado.

Avatar image for Devils-DIVISION


Come on! Nothing is better than bacon. And when you add beer as well... mother of god!

But yeah I hope it's affordable.

Avatar image for kalipekona


Oh, it will be amazing. The perfect sense of depth and scale that the Rift gives you would make flying and dogfights an truly mindblowing experience.

Avatar image for highlanderjimd

what i need to hear from a rift dev is that the system can still be used by folks with only one working eye (as well as their vision is in real life) I have pretty much a dead right eye, its all blurry but combined with my cornea graft fixed eye (MY BIONIC EYE) I can at least see reasonably ok. Worried this massive favour on my 1 fixed eye will cause issues with the rift, I cannot use 3D glasses for this reason.

Avatar image for kalipekona


It shouldn't be any different than seeing is for you normally. It reproduces binocular vision the same way as you see normally, and there isn't the sort of cross-talk that you get with standard 3D implementations.

Avatar image for shaolinwind

@highlanderjimd The stereoscopic 3D won't work but you should still be able to see the regular image wrap around, just guessing. Won't be anywhere as immersive though I'm afraid. Guess you'll need to wait and see how it works with your one good eye.

Avatar image for rasta2k

Occulus Rift will just be so much fun!

Avatar image for cuddlyfuzzle

@rasta2k Yes, you will enjoy both your games...to the max!

Avatar image for Halloll

The occulus rift may bring new life to the simulation games. now I want a tank sim and a submarine sim.

Avatar image for wgerardi

Don't care about a game at all.

Game gets Oculus support.

Suddenly care deeply about game.

Avatar image for shaolinwind

Gamers calling virtual world gaming a 'Gimmick' are simply children living in their parents basements that don't know how to work for a living.

Real gamers that actually invest in our own games (not asking our parents or the government to) realize this is the true next gen. This is why the Rift took the prize over X1 and PS4 at E3.

When people actually get their hands on this thing with a real AAA title, things are going to hit the fan - in a good way.

Avatar image for CincoToes

@shaolinwind You've really been pushing this idea that anyone who doesn't like this thing must live with their parents or be on welfare. Why? How sad is your life that people who disagree with your view have to be children or, I'll make an assumption about your thinking, worthless people.

OR looks cool to me, but you look like a sad little ****. I wonder what happened to you.

Avatar image for shaolinwind

@CincoToes @shaolinwind nah. tired of kids n armchair warriors reviewing innovative tech calling it a 'gimmick' anytime something new comes out.

similarly tired of people resulting to instant personal insults without any knowledge or care for who they are insulting.

Both are maturity issues, a la your sad little post.

Worthless? Nobody said that but you. grow some balls bro.

Avatar image for heat_masheet

@shaolinwind I refuse to believe that you have a job. Your comment is one of the dumbest I've read today and is in no way a reflection of any sort of reality. I really pity your co-workers, if you indeed work.

Avatar image for shaolinwind

@heat_masheet @shaolinwind well, I guess I'm lucky that your opinion and pity has no effect on my job or co-workers then lol.

Your comment however is just as stagnant and off topic as always ;)

Now go get some more microwave pretzels out of your moms freezer...

Avatar image for wgerardi

@shaolinwind My friend tried it at ECGC and said the suspension of disbelief kicks in after about 30 seconds and you are there. He said its not wonky or disorientating, you are just simply their. Oculus is the most important thing to happen to gaming since Pong.

Avatar image for kalipekona


You are right. I had the chance to use the Rift a while back and everything your friend said is true. It blew me away.

Avatar image for Stiler

I'm so tired of people calling this a "Gimmick."

There is a REASON that everyone who's gone hands on with this at E3/CES and other trade shows has been blown away when they get to use it.

They recently showed off the 1080p resolution version which was a huge step up from the 720p dev kits (and got rid of most of the "Screen door" effect it had).

Not to mention that this thing can be used not only for games, but other things. Like the "movie in a theater" app that came out a while back for it.

Basically a guy designed a program that allowed you to watch a movie while being in a virtual theater. you could move around in the virtual theater just lik ea real one and watch the movie wherever you wanted and because of the nature of the 3d and enclosed viewing it feels like you're watching the movie on a giant movie theater screen even though you really aren't.

The Occulus isn't like the Virtual boy at all, and I think once people get to try it they will see that this is the future of gaming. IT feel slike you're in the game more then any other thing that's ever been invented for gaming, and if they can keep it going it will be amazing to play rpgs and flying games on.

Also what is with people complaining about it's "looks" and how they are worrying about "fashion????" IF your friends seriously would disown you for wearing something then you need NEW friends. Besides, you'll be playing this thing in your house, it's not like you're going to bloody go out and about in public wearing the damn thing.

Avatar image for deactivated-58270bc086e0d

@Stiler As far as I remember people were "blown away" by being able to have 3D on a handheld device without glasses as well.

Right before Nintendo decided 3D wasn't the main focus of the device they named 3DS and most people started turning it off to stop themselves getting migraines.

Just because you tried it once for about five minutes says nothing. Until thousands of people have tried it for hours and hours on end and start to love it, it has just as much chance of becoming a gimmick as anything else.

When every game has support for it, when it is as much a part of a computer as a keyboard and mouse are now. We will know it has made it.

I mean if you turned out to be in the minority of people who like it and it gets a world wide hatred from everywhere else it is going to fail.

I hope it doesn't but trying to work out if it is going to is harder than predicting the weather.

Avatar image for Stiler

@Dannystaples14 I'm just saying, look at the youtube videos, read the hands on from people, virtually everyone that has tried it, even those skeptical about it, have walked away raving about it.

They still have some kinks to work out (IE getting in the pitch motion to translate to game, so when you move your head forward or back it does it in igame) and they are still shooting for oeven higher resolutions and lower weight.

Avatar image for deactivated-58270bc086e0d

@kalipekona @Stiler Yeah and devs aren't going to say a single thing negative about it because they spent money getting it and they are trying to make something they are going to sell to people. Why would they show up the negative areas of the device before they sold us loads of stuff? The same reason Sony slipped their online fee into their conference right AFTER they made everyone happy about no used games and offline play. They were smart. Killing a device before the devs have had a chance to rob people of their money would be bad business.

The only real way of knowing is to own one when it comes out and have people review it for what it is. So all of the comments from you saying it is going to be the best thing to happen since electricity, because you used one for a small amount of time isn't exactly a well rounded argument is it?

That is why I'm sceptical. Especially in an industry which is led more by money than by passion.

Avatar image for deactivated-58270bc086e0d

@shaolinwind @Stiler Yeah but there is development and there is release.

Developments can be scrapped easily. When we see actual software coming out that can use it, then we are in business, but until then it could be read as "Yes Oculus. We will support you if only it gets you to shut up about your thing".

Well there is predicting in a negative light and there is predicting it in a positive light. You chose positive I can't help but think about the negative. For a true picture of the Rift at the moment we need to include EVERY aspect of it, negative and positive. That is called a rational argument.

I mean positive argument on here is something like "Oculus Rift is AWESOOOOOOMMMMMMEEEEE! YEAH!".

What help is that to anyone who is unsure about it? I'd rather give people an accurate picture of what it is before they buy, rather than hoping it isn't going to fail and ending up with a pair of goggles in their room which will probably become a modder's tool rather than an official device. A very expensive modder's tool at that.

Avatar image for kalipekona

@Dannystaples14 @Stiler

I didn't like the 3D on the 3DS from the beginning. I think 3D TV is ok, but it has major issues. The Rift on the other hand was a completely different experience. The 3D was amazing and felt very comfortable...no hint of eye strain after over an hour using it.

Admittedly my time with it was fairly short, as the friend who owns the dev unit lives 7 hours away from me, but you are ignoring the fact that there are over 10,000 dev kits out there and probably tens of thousands of people have used it, many of which have used it for many hours on end. And the reports are almost universally positive.

Avatar image for shaolinwind

@Dannystaples14 @Stiler Unreal Engine 4 now has native support for the Rift.

Major developers are already jumping one. The demo list is fairly big now, with games already being developed specifically for the Rift.

You're right, no one can see the future. So stop trying to predict it in a negative light. ::rolleyes::

Avatar image for deactivated-58270bc086e0d

@Stiler Yeah but that is just it. Everyone loves it NOW. But neither you nor I nor anyone else can predict what is going to happen in the future.

I have yet to see a video or explanation or someone who has tried it which makes me think "YES. THIS right here is the future". And none of them have made me think "I wish they were available now because I would definitely go out and get one".

I mean Flight Simulators, sure, could be cool but I'm not going to pay loads just to play Flight Simulators. I don't play them now so why would I?

There will need to first be a large group of games and genres that support it because that will be the life blood of the device. Even if every single person on the planet wants one desperately but developers aren't willing to go the extra mile to developer FOR it, for one reason or another, it will still fail.

If flight simulators and similar games are the only real game where it can work properly it will fail.

If the device is great but like I said it might be people don't want to wear a thing on their head to play games, it might make them ill. It will fail.

As far as I can see there is nothing concrete at the moment that I've seen that makes me confident this is definitely not a gimmick. Until I get some clarification other than a couple of videos like that one above I am no doubt going to stay skeptical, because as the 3DS proved, a great idea can turn to crap at any moment. And at the moment until this becomes available for people to use and try in their own homes, it is just an idea with a prototype.

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