WandaVision Star On Keeping MCU Secrets And Hardest Thing About Making Show

Emma Caulfield talks about taking on the role of Dottie and having to keep everything a secret.


When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there's a layer of secrecy around the future of the films and TV shows in the franchise, but that layer doesn't just apply to fans. It applies to the people cast for those shows as well. Emma Caulfield plays Dottie on the Disney+ series WandaVision, currently airing on the streaming service. And even getting a role on this show was shrouded in mystery.

Caulfield came into the role blind, even after landing it. WandaVision head writer and executive producer Jac Schaeffer asked her to be a part of the series after the two had worked together on the movie Timer. "Once Kevin Feige approved me and I was cleared to go--when I got to Atlanta, a week or two later--then I knew what was going on," Caulfield told GameSpot. "But until that point, [I knew] very little. I didn't even know what period I was in, initially. I just knew it was a period [piece]. But that's it. I knew my name. I knew Dottie, and I knew she was kind of a queen bee. That was all I was told. So once I got to dive in, obviously, I was even more excited."

However, Caulfield has had to keep a lot of secrets since production began back in October 2019. "That's a long time to sit with something," she explained.

It was further complicated by production shutting down in 2020. "It was extended, obviously, because the lockdown/COVID. Everything came to a halt for a while," the actor said. "And it was just interesting, breaking from that for a considerable amount of time and then coming back. I had really forgotten everything, like all the role work and inhabiting that space. I was finding a very hard time getting back into that person again.

Four episodes of the Disney+ Marvel series have already aired, and Claulfield's Dottie Jones has already shown she's the queen bee of Westview, primarily in the episode where Wanda and Vision put on a magic show for the town--and "for the children." A recent mid-season trailer arrived for the show, which only increases the mystery surrounding the sitcom atmosphere.

WandaVision is a departure from the way Marvel has made content in the past. It's the first Disney+ TV original series, an Schaeffer, who wrote Black Widow and co-wrote Captain Marvel, explained how creating the show was a much different experience then her previous MCU projects. The minds behind the series spent a lot of time researching older sitcoms in order to be true to the genre, and recreating the past was pretty tough. WandaVision is the start to Phase 4 of the MCU, even though a couple of Phase 4 movies should have been released before it, but regardless, it's what is ushering in the new era.

You can catch new episodes of WandaVision on Fridays on Disney+.

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