WandaVision Snuck In An Expert-Level Stan Lee Easter Egg

You're not going to catch this one unless you know your stuff--and you're looking.


The MCU is filled with Easter eggs and references. Some are hints of things to come, some are just fun winks. Some, though, are tributes. One of these tributes slips in during the credits to WandaVision, and it goes by in a flash. WandaVision director Matt Shakman revealed the Easter egg in an interview with Screen Rant.

"I mean, there are certainly some that folks have noticed that are important," Shakman said. "A certain license plate, perhaps, in an opening title recently. We have to honor Stan Lee, of course."

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To see it for yourself, pop into WandaVision Episode 7--the one that starts out with the Office-style credits--and fast forward to just before 4:12. That's when the Easter egg appears. The license plate itself simply reads "WANDA" in all caps, but its the number above that that we're interested in: 122822.

That six-digit number, it turns out, is the shortened version of Marvel icon and Scarlet Witch co-creator Stan Lee's birthday, which was December 28, 1922.

WandaVision is an intentionally self-aware show, where even the show's characters get invested in the show Wanda has created for herself, so these kinds of Easter egg moments are all over. A few seconds later, a true blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment comes when the text changes from just saying "Wanda" to "I know what u are doing Wanda," hinting at the sharp turn the show is going to take at 28 minutes, where we find out who was messing up everything (it was Agatha all along, of course).

The WandaVision series finale (or is it a season finale?) drops overnight tonight, hitting Disney+ on March 5 at the bright and early hour of 12AM PST.

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