WandaVision Episode 9 Reaction Roundup: What Did Everyone Think Of The Final Episode?

Here is what people on Twitter thought about the final Disney+ MCU show.


The very first Disney+ MCU series has wrapped up. The only season of WandaVision has come to a close, and the series took fans on quite the journey. But what did those fans think of the finale and how it all wrapped up?

We've combed through Twitter to check out some fan and critic reactions to the final episode. Take note, if you haven't seen the episode yet--or maybe even if you have--there are two sequences during the credits to stick around for. And you do not want to miss them.

Of course, within this collection of Twitter yellings, there will be spoilers. So please, don't read any further if you haven't seen the episode and are planning on watching it. Be like Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Melissa Fumero when navigating the internet. This tweet below is your last warning and a buffer between spoiler-country.

Whether you liked the finale or not, the finale of WandaVision was incredibly emotional. A series that dealt with loss, trauma, and grief ended with a heaping helping of loss, trauma, and grief for the Scarlett Witch.

One moment that many people talked about was "Pietro" (Evan Peters) being revealed as just some guy, with no connection to the Quicksilver from the X-Men movie universe.

But of course, Marvel has trained its fans to think there's always a big third act swerve coming, which has led to a lot of speculation and fan theories over the past few months. However, WandaVision was a bit different.

One character that was a bit left out for the finale was none other than Darcy, played by Kat Dennings. She had one very quick scene during the final episode.

For many, watching WandaVision on Friday mornings was an experience they haven't had since they were a child.

That's it for WandaVision, but you can still learn more about the final episode of the series by check out the Easter eggs from the finale. And if you love the show, you can pick up some cool Funko Pops based on the show.

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