WandaVision Episode 8: 22 Easter Eggs, References, And Clues From "Previously On"

WandaVision Episode 8 has given plenty of answers, but left some major questions hanging.


Where there were no musical numbers this week in WandaVision, we did get a whole lot of information about what's actually been going on in Westview. Not only did we get a firsthand look at Wanda's history--including her oft talked about but never before seen origin story back in Sokovia--we also got some actual insights into what Agatha Harkness has been doing as she's been pulling "every evil string."

Of course, there are still plenty of questions to consider as well--specifically about SWORD's director Hayward who has been spinning some interesting lies all his own, the fate of Vision when (and if) the HEX ever does come down, and the future of Wanda's kids who may or may not be in the same precarious boat as their "dad." There's also the issue of Wanda's position in the MCU at large, the nature of her powers, and what they could mean for her moving forward.

With only one episode of the show remaining, let's take a look at some of the biggest Easter Eggs, references, call-backs, and tiny details you should note this week.

1. Agatha's Origins

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In the comics, Agatha is immortal, dating as far back as ancient times through which she amassed several "origin stories," the most prominent of which related back to--you guessed it--the Salem Witch Trials, which we see the MCU version of here.

2. Agatha's cameo brooch

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Agatha's mother is wearing the cameo brooch we saw Agatha wear earlier in the show. Apparently she plucked it off her mother's corpse, yikes.

3. "That accent really comes and goes"

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WandaVision is nothing if not extremely self aware, especially when it comes to Wanda's accent--this is the show's second crack at how inconsistent it's been. At least now we know why--she was raised on American TV.

4. Fake Pietro

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It turns out there's something else going on with Evan Peters coming to the MCU. It's unclear whether or not he's actually the Pietro from the Fox X-Men who made the jump from one universe to another, or just some guy Agatha pulled off the street. The real story of "Fietro" as Agatha explains, was a necessity, since the real Pietro's corpse is on another continent and "full of holes."

5. So Agatha isn't behind Westview

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Interestingly, despite the lyrical claims of it being "Agatha all along," it turns out she wasn't behind Westview--she's just very invested in finding out what Wanda did to make Westview, even though Wanda herself is a little lost in that arena.

6. Wanda's actual past

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Until this moment, Wanda's actual history within the MCU has been delivered only in dialogue--we've never actually seen her parents, or her home life. Notably, it does not seem like her father was secretly a metal-controlling mutant, so that may put a damper on even more X-Men conspiracy theories.

7. Wanda's secret love of American TV

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One big question we've had about Westview from the beginning is "why sitcoms? Why American TV?" This week gave us our answer--Wanda and her family used American TV to learn English and she's secretly had a love of sitcoms all along, it just never came up.

8. Stark Industries

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Of course, we already knew a Stark Industries missile landed in Wanda and Pietro's apartment in Sokovia. That was revealed in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Seeing it happen, though, is pretty horrifying given the age of the two young Maximoffs. However, this was also the first hint at Wanda's true powers.

9. "Probability hex"

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Wanda's comic book history is riddled with retcon after retcon, especially with regard to her powers and abilities. Sometimes she uses actual magic, sometimes she affects probability, sometimes she's a full-on mutant. Agatha calls out her use of a "probability hex" here as a smooth way to fold some of those threads together.

10. Strucker's experiments

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It was never entirely clear what Baron Strucker and HYDRA actually did in their experiments on the twins, but now we know--Wanda was simply asked to touch the stone in Loki's scepter--a task that sounds deceptively simple but apparently had a 100% fatality rate. This comes as no surprise; touching Infinity Stones rarely goes well for anyone (just ask any of the HYDRA goons who interacted with the Tesseract back in Captain America: The First Avenger).

11. The Mind Stone

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It's easy to forget that Loki's scepter was actually home to the yellow Mind Stone, hidden within the blue casing. The Mind Stone is, of course, the same stone that granted Vision his sentience when it combined with Tony's JARVIS AI.

12. Wanda seeing her future self?

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Wanda's interaction with the Mind Stone does not go as planned. Not only does the real stone reveal itself to her, it comes with someone. We only get to see them in silhouette, but the shape of the costume and headdress certainly look like a version of the uniform Wanda herself has worn in the comics mixed with the uniform we've seen her wear in the MCU. Did the Mind Stone make Wanda see her future self?

13. Wanda and Vision's Civil War era liaisons

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This episode filled in a lot of gaps for the MCU's past, including fleshing out some of the time Wanda and Vision spent getting to know one another before we saw them again in movies like Captain America: Civil War.

14. Breaking into SWORD

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Much like we were previously led to believe, Wanda went to SWORD to collect Vision's body and ultimately used her powers to break into the autopsy room where he was being dismantled. We saw footage of this in an earlier episode, though her actions were definitely misrepresented, as you'll read below.

15. So she left without the body

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Director Hayward said early on in the series that Wanda stole Vision's body from the SWORD headquarters. We learn now that's a lie. Wanda left SWORD without the body and we find out in a post-credits scene what's actually become of it.

16. A mysterious letter

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Everything about Wanda's visit to the SWORD HQ seems to have gone down much differently than we originally thought--not only did she not leave without Vision's corpse, she was also directed to head to Westview with a letter.

17. The real Westview

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We see Wanda drive into the actual Westview, before she took over and shifted it into a sitcom horror paradise. Honestly, Wanda's makeover is quite a bit of an upgrade compared to the town as it was. Still, we see the real versions of Herb, Norm, and Mrs. Hart.

18. "To grow old in V."

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It's unclear whether or not this note is actually written by Vision or if it's someone trying to manipulate Wanda into going to Westview, but either way, she's been given a map to Westview and the promise of a home.

19. Making Westview/Reconstructing Vision

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Since Wanda did not in fact take Vision's corpse from SWORD HQ, she had to literally reconstruct him--likely using the energy she had gotten from the Mind Stone (note the yellow glow). This makes Hayward's ability to track the Vibranium within the HEX a bit strange since he's apparently had all the Vibranium pieces of Vision's actual body this whole time. This raises the question: What was actually being tracked and why?

20. "Chaos magic."

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Another of Wanda's many comic book powers is chaos magic--which in the comics, is a power that allows Wanda to manipulate the fabric of reality.

21. The Scarlet Witch

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Finally, she's the Scarlet Witch. Why? Because Agatha said so. She said the twins, Vision, and the entire life she created was done using chaos magic, making her the Scarlet Witch, a being that should be just a myth.

22. Post credits

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In a post-credits scene, we see a white version of Vision resurrected using Stark technology. This could be referencing White Vision, which was introduced in the "Vision Quest" storyline. After being dismantled, Vision was rebuilt but did not have any of Vision's emotions or memories. If that's what is happening here, can SWORD use him as a weapon like Hayward wants and will we see Wanda vs. Vision in the finale? More than that, can the original Vision be restored, somehow? Shuri was trying to download him back in Infinity War, after all. Beyond that, it's entirely possible Wanda's powers could potentially do the trick.

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