WandaVision Episode 6: 24 Easter Eggs, Reference, And Things You Missed

Wanda and Vision tackle their first Halloween as parents. It goes as well as you'd expect.


After last week's major bombshell, WandaVision Episode 6 had some big expectations to live up to--but never fear, it delivered. And on top of adding even more mystery to the mix, it made sure things are still weird and creepy as we head into Halloween in Westview, New Jersey. This time, however, the spookiness is part of the costumes and sets, rather than just the show's atmosphere, as everyone prepares for a Halloween festival in the town square.

WandaVision Episode 6 has arrived on Disney+, just in time for an early aughts Halloween in Westview, New Jersey--and, naturally, things are just as weird and creepy as ever. At least this time the spooky vibes are also part of the intentional set dressing as everyone gets dressed up in their costumes, decorate their homes, and prepare for the Halloween festival in the town square.

Unfortunately, things are not going well for Vision as he tries to get to the bottom of the mystery. Neither are they going that great for Darcy, Jimmy, and Monica outside of the Westview "hex" as they realize that SWORD may not actually be on their side. Meanwhile for everyone else in Westview, things seem to be breaking down faster than ever as citizens seem to glitch and freeze in place the further away from Wanda they get--so, really, not great all around.

But thankfully, Pietro is here to be the fun uncle, even if he's got an entirely different face and may or may not be from a new reality.

We gathered 24 Easter Eggs, references, and things you'll definitely want to pay attention to for this episode. Let us know your favorites--and your favorite theories--in the comments. And make sure to check out our Easter egg guides for the rest of the episodes below.

1. You're not the boss of me now

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This week's opening credits--and the format of the sitcom, itself--borrowed heavily from Malcolm in the Middle, which ran for seven seasons between 2000 and 2006.

2. Billy in the Wiccan costume

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It's Halloween in Westview and everyone's getting into the spirit, some a little earlier than others. Billy's already in costume, a direct nod to his comics counterpart's Wiccan uniform.

3. Dance Dance Revolution

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The Maximoff twins have their own home copy of Dance Dance Revolution. It's not entirely clear which version of the game they have, but the first DDR game released on home consoles in North America was Dance Dance Revolution Disney Mix, which was released on the PlayStation in 2001.

4. Sokovian fortune teller costume

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Naturally, Wanda's outfit is her vintage '60s comic outfit, which she calls a "Sokovian fortune teller."

5. Multiverse memories

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A brief, extremely '90s cut-away flashback to Wanda and Pietro's childhood causes some confusion--the memory isn't what Wanda expected and isn't something she can recall at all. We get a handful of these moments as the episode continues, where Wanda isn't quite sure how things with Pietro are fitting together--likely because there's some multiversal weirdness going on. After all, this Pietro isn't the Pietro from the MCU.

6. The OG Vision outfit

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Vision's costume is, of course, made to look like '60s Vision, which he calls a "Mexican wrestler."

7. Quicksilver and Speed costumes

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Both Pietro and Tommy's Halloween costumes are based on their comics outfits--and if they look similar, that's by design. Tommy and Pietro both have speedster abilities. The incredibly stupid looking hair is, unfortunately, part of the look.

8. "All you people who left"

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In case you forgot, Monica was one of the people snapped away, leaving her with a 5 year gap in her experiences.

9. Yo-Magic

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This week's disturbing commercial break featured a yogurt style product and, uh, death, called "Yo-Magic." It's difficult to say exactly what this may mean in the bigger picture but it seems like the implication is that "magic" is dangerous, even fatal. This is specifically interesting because Wanda's powers in the MCU have never been magic--they stemmed from her time as a HYDRA experiment and the Mind Stone.

10. What a double feature

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Playing at Westview's movie theater on Halloween seems to be a double feature of The Incredibles and The Parent Trap. So, technically, Pixar exists within the MCU. It's also worth noting that those two movies did not come out the same year (The Parent Trap was 1998 and The Incredibles was 2004). They both oddly make sense as being shown within this world. The Incredibles is about a family of superheroes, while The Parent Trap sees a pair of long-lost twins reuniting. Also, both movies are Disney movies--although Disney bought Pixar in 2006, two years after The Incredibles came out, Disney still co-produced the movie.

11. The accents

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Wanda's ever-evolving accent has been something of a joke among fans of the Marvel movies and now the MCU is poking fun at it. "What happened to your accent?" she asks her brother. He quickly counters with, "what happened to yours?"

12. "Shot like a chump in the street for no reason"

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We're going to call this a direct shot fired at the weirdest choice the MCU has ever made: killing Pietro with a couple of regular, non-superpowered bullets back in Age of Ultron. What a way for a person whose whole deal is running faster than sound to go.

13. Tommy's speed

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The twins are developing their comic book powers in this episode, starting with Tommy's super speed.

14. Is SWORD trying to rebuild Ultron?

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Darcy notes that SWORD and Hayward have a way to track Vision within the Westview bubble specifically, thanks to his Vibranium body--and they've been keeping everyone in the dark on this little side project of theirs. Being a government body specifically formed to observe "sentient weapons," this is a bit concerning, since Vision's body was originally intended to be the shell for the MCU's biggest sentient weapon: Ultron.

15. The boundaries of Wanda's powers

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As Vision ventures to the edges of Westview, he encounters a number of people frozen in place, some of them crying. It seems, for the moment at least, that perhaps Wanda isn't using her power to control the entire town, but instead just the parts she and her family are in. That said, given what comes later in the episode, that may be changing.

16. Agnes is a witch

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Notably, Agnes's Halloween costume is a pretty standard looking witch. If the pattern here is anything like the other characters, this could be our biggest confirmation that Agnes is indeed a version of the comics character Agatha Harkness.

17. "What's an Avenger?"

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With that line, we now realize Vision likely has no memories pre-Westview. Why is that, though? Is Wanda suppressing his memories or were they erased when he died? Or is this not even really Vision at all?

18. Agnes is driving a '90s Volvo wagon

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Agnes is driving one of the sickest cars ever made, the Volvo 940 wagon, first introduced in 1990. It's not as sick as a Volvo 240, but it is still pretty sick. Good Easter egg.

19. "All is lost."

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Agnes's whole exchange with Vision is pretty suspect, from the way she directly implicates Wanda--last episode, Norm didn't mention any names--to the way she immediately seems to have some sort of psychotic, cackling breakdown. Of course, she's going through some pretty traumatic stuff, like all of Westview, so it could be that--or it could be something else.

However, it should also be noted that if Agnes is supposed to be Agatha Harkness, Agatha has never been an outright villain. She may not be the nicest lady around, but she's never been evil.

20. The "hex" re-writes people on a molecular level

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Monica's cells have been literally re-written by her trip in and out of the Westview hex, which could be something to pay attention to for Monica's future, perhaps as superhero Photon.

21. Pietro's in on it

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Pietro makes it clear he knows Wanda has created this reality--and that he should be dead, for that matter. The conversation between the two, though, shows Wanda isn't entirely sure how she's doing it.

22. Zombie Pietro

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Sure, Pietro knows what Wanda has done, but is he also dead? Much like when Wanda saw the dead version of Vision earlier this season, she briefly sees her brother with a chest riddled with bullet holes, which he got in Age of Ultron.

It's also worth noting that Vision doesn't seem to fare too well after breaking free of the Westview hex, which might not bode well for Pietro's future if the hex ever comes down.

23. Billy's powers

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Like Tommy, Billy also manifests his superpowers in this episode--he takes after his mom (kind of). Like Wanda herself, Billy's abilities, "reality warping," have always been a little difficult to pin down or explain. Here we see that he definitely has some form of telepathy that can connect him to his father, but we don't get much more. If he can completely alter the fabric of reality like his mom, though, Westview might be in trouble.

24. Westview's not so small anymore

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The climax of the episode saw Wanda dramatically enlarging the size of Westview, completely overtaking the military installation outside of its borders. Clearly, this makes her a much bigger threat to pretty much everyone, depending on how much bigger she can actually make it.

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