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Walmart's PS5 And Series X Restock Goes Live At 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET

Walmart's upcoming restock is exclusive to Walmart+ subscribers.


If you're still on the hunt for a PS5 or Xbox Series X, Walmart will have a restock on both consoles later today. As announced earlier this week, the PS5, PS5 Digital, and Xbox Series X will be available to purchase online at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET. Unfortunately, the restocks will only be available for Walmart+ members.

Locking the hard-to-find consoles behind subscription walls has become common in recent months. Walmart isn't alone in doing this. Amazon, GameStop, and Best Buy all had restocks over the holiday season that were only available for members.

Walmart+ costs $13 per month or $98 for an annual membership. Similar to Amazon Prime, Walmart+ unlocks free next-day or two-day shipping on thousands of items. While Walmart+ does have a 15-day free trial, you have to be a paid subscriber to purchase the PS5 or Xbox Series X during these "early access" events.

We haven't seen many PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks this month, but Best Buy and GameStop (bundles) both restocked the Series X earlier in the week. GameStop's bundles are still available days after going live--if you're willing to shell out $700 or more for add-ons you may or may not want. Meanwhile, the Series S has been far easier to find lately, and it's currently in stock at Amazon. The Walmart restock will be particularly notable for the PS5, as Sony's console remains the harder of the two to find.

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