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Walmart's Metroid Dread Bundle Comes With A Pair Of Mugs

Walmart has an exclusive Metroid Dread bundle that costs the same price as the game.


Update: Walmart's $50 freight charge, as expected, was an error. The price has been corrected, and the bundle now has free shipping, which makes this a great deal.

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How much do you love Metroid? Don't answer that until you take a peek at this Metroid Dread bundle at Walmart. It looks like a great deal, right? Metroid Dread + FREE (Walmart's words, not mine) Metroid Dread Samus Mug for the low price of $60. That means you're getting a pair of Metroid Dread mugs with your preorder, which makes this the best preorder bonus we've seen. But if you look closely at the listing you'll notice that there's a pesky little shipping and handling charge.

Metroid Dread + FREE (not really free) mugs
Metroid Dread + FREE (not really free) mugs

Yes, you're reading that right. You apparently have to pay a $50 "freight handling charge." These mugs must be extremely high quality and more fragile than the Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story. But hey, at least the mugs themselves are "free." If you want two copies of the game and four mugs(!), you have to pay $100 of course. In all seriousness, this ridiculous $50 charge must be an error, and our guess is Walmart will correct it soon.

After it's fixed, we'd recommend snagging this bundle soon, as it's likely to sell out ahead of Metroid Dread's release date on October 8. The mugs are only the second preorder bonus we've seen for Metroid Dread. You can also get a set of pins by ordering at GameStop. For more preorder details, including info on the hard-to-find Special edition and Amiibo, check out our Metroid Dread preorder guide.

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