WallStreetBets Founder Sells Life Rights To Brett Ratner's Production Company

RatPac has been involved with many successful films, but Ratner's current involvement complicates their reception.


Jaime Rogozinski, the founder of WallStreetBets--the Reddit group that launched the recent GameStop/Reddit stock price drama and controversy--has sold his life rights to producer Brett Ratner, who is working on one of at least three major Hollywood projects in the works about the stock price drama and controversy. According to the Wall Street Journal, Ratner's production company RatPac intends to first tell the story in a movie "and then move on to podcasts and other mediums."

For those who aren't yet aware of the story or are simply sick of explaining it to their uncles, in January, the online investor forum community Rogozinski formed sparked a recent Wall Street stock frenzy when its members manipulated the stock market against hedge fund managers assumptions about GameStop stock trajectory. The retailer, like many businesses, has been struggling due to COVID-19, plus the overall shift to digital distribution of video games and other entertainment products.

The deal was closed for a reported "low six figures," but also trucks in additional controversy as Ratner recently lost a major deal amid sexual-harassment accusations. As an indicator of future success, RatPac is a mixed blessing--it had the savvy to get involved and co-produce 2017's Wonder Woman, but for its sequel star Gal Gadot threatened to not be involved unless Ratner was fired, which did ultimately happen. (Elliot Page spoke out around the same time about issues with Ratner.) Ratner has denied all misconduct claims by them and four others, but it's a consideration the upcoming GameStop/Reddit project will need to navigate, especially with fierce competition from other productions.

No casting announcements or release dates have been made on any of the projects that will tell the story about the events that took place a few weeks ago. There's also no way of telling whether people will still be interested in it or still talking about it by the time these films debut.

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