Wallace & Gromit Episode: The Bogey Man First Impressions

We get a peek at what the last Grand Adventure has in store for everyone's favorite British man/dog duo.


Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures

Having already wrangled oversized bees, founded a vacation destination, and thwarted sinister schemes, Wallace and Gromit are barreling headlong into the final episode of their Grand Adventures. Puns, puzzles, and preposterous plans are still the order of the day as the two try to finagle a way out of one mess, only to find themselves in another. We chatted with Telltale Games at Comic-Con and got the scoop on The Bogey Man, the fourth and final episode in the Grand Adventures series.

The Bogey Man finds Wallace (and by extension, Gromit) in a bit of a pickle. In an effort not to spoil the ending of the third episode, Muzzled!, we'll refrain from providing details, but suffice to say that finding a way out of said pickle is the duo's main concern. As in each previous episode, you'll spend time controlling Wallace and Gromit separately, and The Bogey Man kicks off with Gromit in control. Wallace is in a sensitive predicament, so he sends Gromit out to do some sleuthing in hopes of finding a way out.

As a result of Gromit's investigation, the two become very interested in joining the local country club, the Prickly Thicket. This venerable institution has been going strong for decades, but Wallace's admission sets off a bad chain of events (see that one coming?). It seems the local bobby (that's British for "policeman") has been on the Prickly Thicket waiting list for years, and seeing his spot go to Wallace really ticks him off, so he invokes an obscure bylaw and shuts the club down. Apparently, you can't be a legit country club without a golf course, and the Prickly Thicket has managed to misplace theirs. Being keenly interested in the club's continued operation, Wallace sets off to locate the golf course and (hopefully) save the day.

The Prickly Thicket is a new location to explore, and Wallace will be steeped in the club's history by the time his adventure is through. The owner of the club is a boisterous red-headed fellow whose family has run the Prickly Thicket for generations, as evidenced by the many portraits of boisterous red-headed fellows hanging on the wall. There are clues hidden throughout the club that will point Wallace in the right direction, but you'll have to do some puzzling of your own to figure them out. Each clue is a rhyming riddle that, when deciphered, will lead to the next clue. We're told these riddles are some of the trickier puzzles the series has seen, so be prepared for a bit of a challenge. Should you get stuck on one of the riddles, there are plenty of familiar gentlemen hanging around the club who will be more than happy to chime in with hints.

The endgame is, we're told, wacky as all get-out, and you'll see the Prickly Thicket undergo some strange transformations before all is said and done. The Bogey Man looks to be a great way to wrap up the Grand Adventures, with all the quirky humor, clever puzzles, and ridiculous situations we've come to expect from the series. PC players can expect to get their hands/paws on The Bogey Man by the end of July.

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