Walking Dead's Melissa McBride Exits Franchise Ahead Of Planned Spin-Off - Report

As AMC's big series comes to an end, a shift has unexpectedly come to the plans ahead.


Actor Melissa McBride, who was to star in the planned Daryl and Carol-centric spin-off to The Walking Dead, has reportedly exited the project over "creative differences." TV Line was the first to report, although AMC has not yet provided a comment.

The spin-off, which was first announced in September 2020, was one many were looking forward to since the characters--portrayed by Norman Reedus and McBride--have been on the long-running show since Season 1. Not many details have come out about the spin-off, likely because any announcements would by definition spoil how the flagship The Walking Dead series will ultimately conclude. However, it's now reported that this spin-off will now solely focus on Daryl.

The Daryl spin-off is one of many expected to branch off The Walking Dead once the latter wraps. Still on the way are a set of feature films for Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), the anthology series Tales of the Walking Dead, and the most recently announced Isle of the Dead--which will feature Negan and Maggie, and debut sometime in 2023. Fear the Walking Dead has been going strong since 2015.

In an op-ed published in March, GameSpot's Mark Delaney argues that the spin-off announcements are "killing the final season's buzz." The Walking Dead is winding its way to a finale after 12 years and nearly 200 episodes.

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